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Health and fitness magazine UK online to find information to improve your health and fitness in the UK. Health & fitness magazine UK to read health and fitness magazine UK articles and watch live videostream reviews. Keep up to date with latest health fitness magazine news headlines opinions debates and reviews. Network with top health and fitness thought leaders locally and globally online. Tune in to Health and Fitness TV on CheeringupTV for further ideas and tips on living well in UK.

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Combat Effects Of Negative Thoughts

Negative thinking can prevent you reaching your full potential in life at worst and at best restrict your enjoyment of life

Health and Fitness Check
  • Smiling or even laughing are unsurprisingly ways to make yourself feel better. Forcing a smile or laugh might seem like a fruitless exercise but even forcing more happiness in this way can boost good feelings you can build upon.
  • Write down the good things you do each and every day. At the end of the day or when you are feeling low review the previous days good experiences to remind yourself of how good you really are.
  • Exercise. Exercise can change the chemicals in your body to help support your general well being. You do not have to plan to be an athlete. Start by walking up stairs instead of taking lift. Walking to a shop instead of driving. Walking round the block. Build up your new exercise regime to try to do half an hour three times per week.
  • Be your own life coach. Put reminders into your smartphone. Your regular smartphone reminders should remind you of how good you are. It maybe a little boost to your day at a time you may have forgotten that life is good.
  • Look at life work balance. Few people can simply give up or even change jobs. Studies in UK have shown that most people do not like their job. Bills still have to be paid. Think again about how you could change your the job you do before you think about changing jobs. Ultimately changing your job maybe the pressure relief you need to improve your work life balance.

Working at life is just as important as working so think again about how you can improve your life in future.

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