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Buyers and sellers of goods or services debate the price online to grab a bargain or sell more online.

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Use our alternative pricing strategy to fixed prices for your products or services in the UK. Haggle to arrive at a price acceptable to both parties.

You can haggle £100s off at cheeringup.info online shops and stores. You can also use our haggling service to reach businesses prepared to reduce their normal prices if you buy today.

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Top Haggling Tips

Many items have fixed prices. However, many sellers of product and services are prepared to lower the price to get a sale.

Many people are reluctant to haggle. To get a great deal, here are some haggling tips to help you overcome barriers you may have preventing you haggling for money off

  1. Be prepared. You need to know what’s a good and price. There is no point in asking for a ridiculous discount, just like you don’t want to miss out a saving more money
  2. Find a new friend online. If you use our live haggling service try to develop a relationship with the seller. Friends can give better mate rates! From a sellers point of view, your new friend could become a regular repeat buyer at the same or higher normal price, now they trust your business.
  3. Know your bargain price range. Decide yourself what is a good price range for you. Do not buy if the price offered is higher than your price range. When the price falls to the top of your price range don’t stop haggling. Try to reduce the price even further to squeeze out an even better bargain. However, always remember that the sign of a great deal is when both parties win. Try to leave the seller at least some profit!
  4. If you can not get enough money off. Ask for a better product for same price – one way or another you want more 4 less at the end of the haggle. Ask for an upgrade without an increase in price.
  5. Buy more to get money off. If you offer to buy more of each product or service in return for a discount both you and the seller can win on a concluded deal.

He who talks first loses! When you ask for a deal, do so directly and bluntly and then shut up. Commit to your haggling! Don’t give the first starting price either.

Be willing to walk away from a haggle. If it isn’t shaping up intimate you are walking away from deal and you might force a bargain or live to fight for a bargain another day!

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