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How can retired people in the UK inform their retirement lifestyle decisions?

Tune into elderly healthy living guru forum to improve your life in UK. Elderly lifestyle news UK. Elderly lifestyle guru support in the UK. Are you looking for best magazines for the elderly UK? Read on to make better elderly lifestyle changes to make your life easier. Create elderly active lifestyle to get the best out of retirement in UK. Understand what an elderly healthy lifestyle looks like. Get the latest retirement lifestyle news opinions and reviews. Save money to make your retirement funds go further with best retirement deals.

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Older But Not Dead Yet

Elderly Lifestyle Guru

How to enjoy being over 55 more for less

Fun Is Not Just For The Young

Out with the old life and in with the new life of fun with help from cheeringup.info

Are You Just Surviving Or Living The Best Life You Can

Love Your Life More For Less with CheeringupInfo

Live the life you want not the life you have been given so far

Fix Your Retirement With CheeringupInfo

Fix your retirement lifestyle with CheeringupInfo

Make Better Choices In Retirement In UK

Elderly Lifestyle Changes For The Better

How To Embrace Ageing Positively

How To Embrace Ageing Positively With CheeringupInfo

What are the dos and donts of living longer and better in UK?

Retirement Advice UK

Find out how to improve your life in retirement in UK

What opportunities are there today to live life to the full in retirement in UK?

Network with other people in retirement in UK.

Elderly living tips advice and support for easier better retirement lifestyle living in the UK


Improve your retirement lifestyle with the help from other retired people and experts on products or services needed by retired people or people planning for retirement.

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Growing Older Disgracefully!

Retirement Tips UK

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Learning how to age well with CheeringupInfo

Learning how to age well with CheeringupInfo

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Supercar Experience For Older Generation UK
Retirement Mag
Retirement Magazine
Better After 50 Magazine

Living better at 50 and over in UK

Retirement Early Tips Advice and Guidance UK

Retirement Early Tips Advice and Guidance UK

Housing Options For The Elderly UK

Retirement Housing Options UK

Housing Options For The Elderly UK

From living in own home in the community to retirement villages to sheltered accommodation to retirement homes. We explore the retirement housing options across the UK. Keeping you up to date with the latest in retirement living and lifestyle in the UK.

Elderly people choosing the best retirement housing option to live better in UK in retirement.

Housing care and support across the UK

Read private and self contained retirement property descriptions designed to allow you to live independently. Find retirement houses and flats for sale. We have a wide range of new build retirement properties from top UK developers as well as established property ideal for a retirement home living.

Top Summer Holiday Destination For Over 55s

Never Been A Better Time To Visit London On Small Holiday Budget

This August London restaurants will be able to take advantage of UK government Eat Out To Help Out scheme which gives you 50 percent off meals eaten on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. A midweek break in London in August will be so much cheaper. In addition London restaurants attractions and holiday accommodation will be able to offer 15 percent off just from VAT reduction than ends in January 2021.

This summer offers you the cheapest midweek sightseeing breaks in London for years. Furthermore many London commuters will still be working from home so London will be quieter. Less adventurous people may also be reluctant to travel to London right now but London has not been this cheap to visit for many years.

Solo Traveller Holidays

Solo Traveller Holidays and Experiences

Solo Traveller Holidays and Experiences with CheeringupInfo

Single holidays for over 55s. Single traveller holidays reviews and special offers. Explore the UK and overseas with people seeking similar experiences.

Avoid paying single supplements. Discover the joy and enlightening experience of booking on a solo holiday or event. Our solo traveller experiences take the stress and cost out of going alone.

Join our exclusive travelling companions travelling by themselves. Our solo traveller experiences mean you do not have to experience life on your own nor does it mean you have to feel cramped all the time. Try new things and cultures with others but take time for yourself when you want to.

Check Your Financial Fitness

Financial fitness check up with CheeringupInfo

Triple Lock Promise

Resolution Foundation think tank argues that triple lock commitment is unfair on unemployed and working families.

Coronavirus Pandemic Beach Holiday Advice and Deals

Coronavirus Pandemic Beach Holiday Advice and Deals

Tackling Dementia and Alzheimers Head On

1 in 3 newborn girls and 1 in 4 newborn boys in UK ill die of dementia. There is currently new cure for dementia. We must invest in and support dementia research more if a cure is to be developed more quickly to stop the suffering of victims and their families.

Dementia UK is a charity that provides Admiral Nurses for families affected by Dementia. We also need to support this charity so that families already suffering from dementia are better able to cope with dementia in the family.

Currently there are no physical tests for dementia. There are however a range of tests that GPs will do to rule out any other physical causes for the problems you are having. This might include blood tests to check for deficiencies or abnormalities.

Dementia is a word to cover a number of different conditions affecting the brain including:

  • Alzheimers disease which is most common form of dementia but rare in under 65s
  • Vacular dementia which is second most common form of dementia
  • Frontotemporal dementia
  • Lewy body dementia which is progressive condition that affects movement and motor control
  • Alcohol related brain damage from drinking excessive amounts of alcohol over prolonged period
  • Huntingtons disease which is genetic disorder
  • Young onset dementia which is dementia diagnosed under the age of 65
  • Parkinsons disease

Sticking to a healthy diet with low levels of alcohol will help prevent some forms of dementia including less red meat more wholegrains. Taking regular exercise and being socially active can also help to ward off the threat of some forms of dementia. Keep the brain working with new skills or old hobbies will help maintain attention and concentration.

New Guidance From Top Medical Experts For Living Better In Retirement In UK

UK chief medical officers have provided guidance on how much elderly people should move about to live better including:

  • some physical activity is better than none
  • on two days a week take part in activity to improve muscle strength balance and flexibility including Tai Chi dance bowls and aqua aerobics
  • 150 minutes each week of moderate intensity aerobic activity
  • break up prolonged periods of being sedentary with light activity when possible at least with standing

Always consult your doctor first if in doubt on whether such activity could be bad for you.

Have You Lost Track Of Your Pension Entitlements

Working all your life rarely involves sticking to one job one employer. What happens when you near retirement and you have no idea where all your pension pots are?

In future there will be an easier way to track down your retirement money Pensions Dashboard.


In future when you retire in the UK more of your pension pots will be found in one place set up by the Association British Insurers ABI including your state pension provided by the government in retirement and many hopefully all your pension schemes you contributed to over your entire working life. This will enable you to find out your retirement income in an instant.

However the retirement planning tool will not be live until at least 2019 and may only have 50 percent of all pension schemes but will still be better than what we have got now. People will view all their pension pots quickly and easily in one place online. It will fundamentally change how people in the UK will access their pension information.

Take control of your retirement finances.

Creating Retirement Friendly Communities

Providing the right housing in the right environment at the right price is crucial for retirement friendly communities. This need not be but could be retired only communities. For this to work for the UK it needs to apply to city and town living for the lower economic retirement community not the affluent country or village living retirement community.

Find cheapest best products and services in UK to live better in retirement

Aids For The Elderly

Aids and Equipment For The Elderly

Household gadgets and equipment to make life easier. Aids and disability equipment can help the elderly and disabled live independent lives for longer. Many find themselves impeded by age or disability and look for ways to make life easier. We work with retailers and suppliers to showcase the best elderly aids and equipment at best prices in UK online on CheeringupInfo.

Buy and sell aids and equipment to make life easier for the elderly in the UK

Shop more easily online from our selection of mobility aids and disability equipment in our online one stop shop marketplace. Boost your independent living around the home and outdoors.

  • Compare products and services to see which benefits are best for you;
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Retirement Housing Options

Retirement Planning Tips Advice Support

Independent living tips assisted living help nursing homes reviews apartments and bungalows to buy or rent in the UK. Tap into retirement communities in the UK to live better for longer.

Find affordable housing for your retirement in the UK. Upgrade your retirement lifestyle with extraordinary services and facilities.

Most people want to stay in their own home for as long as possible so get the support you need to extend this period safely.

Avoid some of the pitfalls of finding the best retirement accommodation. Get alerts to the best retirement housing opportunities in UK.

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Retirement Lifestyle Magazine News Opinions Reviews Live Online

Retirement Tips UK

Discover new ways to live a fuller better retirement in UK with CheeringupInfo

Access latest tips and advice to improve your retirement lifestyle in the UK. Read and watch UK retirement live online. What is good and bad about retirement in the UK. What should you not miss in retirement today.

Future Of An Ageing Population UK

Experts on ageing tips to improve life in retirement in UK

What Is The Future Of An Ageing Population UK?

Our experts on ageing tips will help you improve your life in retirement. Make sure:

  • Your financial health is supporting the life your want in retirement for yourself.
  • Your wellbeing health and fitness enables you to live retirement adventures.
  • Your retirement lifestyle is enjoyable for the rest of your life.

To live well in retirement get our experts on ageing tips on wellness wellbeing health fitness beauty and style.

Want to have your say on retirement in the UK?

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