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Tackling Dementia and Alzheimers Head On

New Guidance From Top Medical Experts For Living Better In Retirement In UK

UK chief medical officers have provided guidance on how much elderly people should move about to live better including:

  • some physical activity is better than none
  • on two days a week take part in activity to improve muscle strength balance and flexibility including Tai Chi dance bowls and aqua aerobics
  • 150 minutes each week of moderate intensity aerobic activity
  • break up prolonged periods of being sedentary with light activity when possible at least with standing

Always consult your doctor first if in doubt on whether such activity could be bad for you.

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Have You Lost Track Of Your Pension Entitlements

Working all your life rarely involves sticking to one job one employer. What happens when you near retirement and you have no idea where all your pension pots are?

In future there will be an easier way to track down your retirement money Pensions Dashboard.


In future when you retire in the UK more of your pension pots will be found in one place set up by the Association British Insurers ABI including your state pension provided by the government in retirement and many hopefully all your pension schemes you contributed to over your entire working life. This will enable you to find out your retirement income in an instant.

However the retirement planning tool will not be live until at least 2019 and may only have 50 percent of all pension schemes but will still be better than what we have got now. People will view all their pension pots quickly and easily in one place online. It will fundamentally change how people in the UK will access their pension information.

Take control of your retirement finances.

Creating Retirement Friendly Communities

Providing the right housing in the right environment at the right price is crucial for retirement friendly communities. This need not be, but could be, retired only communities. For this to work for the UK it needs to apply to city and town living for the lower economic retirement community, not the affluent country or village living retirement community.

More Than Two Thirds Of NHS Beds Occupied By Over 65s

It is normal to have NHS bed’s occupied by over 65s. This is not the problem. The problem is that many of these people do not need NHS care. They need additional support but not NHS care. This includes more money but it really requires radical changes in how the elderly are cared for after they have been sick or injured.

Medically fit to leave hospital, but nowhere to go. The problem is only going to get worse as the number of over 65s increase by nearly half over the next couple of decades.

The majority of older people leave hospital with either no help or help from friends and family so the true cost to local and central government could be a lot higher. The problem is at crisis point and a harsh 2016 to 2017 winter could pass breaking point.

The UK government is enabling local council’s to raise more tax up to 3 percent in each of next two years but this is just pissing in the sea of the problem it will make little difference to bed-blocking in NHS hospitals.

Radical reorganising the NHS and its budget is required and this could actually be the biggest problem. The NHS professionals are not doing enough to come up with solutions or where they have the good lessons learnt are not being rolled out across the NHS to relieve pressure on NHS as a whole.

The NHS need’s to give up some money to a more holistic solution to this problem. There lies a key barrier to change.

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