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Retirement for over 55s in UK providing tips advice and support to transition from working to retirement and then enjoy retirement age including travel leisure care health and fitness and retirement finances like pensions.

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  • Maybe you cannot afford to retire?
  • Will you continue to work for non financial reasons when you could retire if you wanted to for example you want to keep active?
  • Maybe you enjoy working and will never want to stop?
  • Will your pensions and other savings produce a comfortable life in retirement?
  • Watch or participate in live online retirement lifestyle broadcasts. Join the debate about what people in retirement need and do nots.
  • Look around the world. See and hear what other people do in retirement in other parts of the world not just the UK.
  • Improve your retirement living in the UK including adopting your current home to meet your changing needs to moving into best residential care home near you. Discover the different options for retirement living in the UK.

Live online interaction with retirement planning experts and people who are retired already and who can offer practical advice on what to do as well as what not to do to enjoy your retirement in the UK.

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How to enjoy life after retirement in UK
How to enjoy life after retirement in UK with CheeringupInfo

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Retirement Early Tips Advice and Guidance UK

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Preparing for Retirement UK

Build a diversified retirement fund to maximise your chances of a better retirement lifestyle in the UK. Discover deals discounts and exclusive offers to reduce your cost of living. Explore better ways of living in retirement.

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Retire at the age you want to retire in the UK with the type of lifestyle you choose for yourself. Be better prepared for retirement. Tap into support and assistance to enhance your retirement in the UK.

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Retirement Essentials UK

Retirement Essentials UK
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Access the latest UK retirement lifestyle tips advice and support with help from CheeringupInfo. Make sure you maximise your income in retirement in the UK. Tracking down all pensions and retirement benefits is not easy but crucial to making your retirement lifestyle what you want it to be.

Financial tips will help you maximise the use of your retirement pot. Money saving tips will make your available money go further. Retirement advice will help you find new ways to enjoy life in retirement even more.

Things To Do When Retired and Bored UK

Retirement Tips
Find new ways to improve life in retirement in UK with CheeringupInfo

What to do in retirement in UK is a very individual question to answer. Preparing for retirement UK should include how you plan to live out the rest of your life assuming you will never return to working again. That may sound easy but it requires realistic retirement plan that takes into account your wealth and health. To ensure you have a fulfilling enjoyable retirement in the UK you may need to work at it in a more organised way. Your retirement plan may need to change as you age further taking into account your changing circumstances including changing relationships wealth and health.

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Over 75s Forced To Pay For TV Licence
More than three million households will have to pay the £157.50 fee from 1 August 2020

Only those who receive the Pension Credit benefit will be exempt

BBC to force most over 75s in UK to pay for TV licence from 1st August. UK government says the BBC has made the wrong decision at the wrong time. Age UK says it is a kick in the teeth for pensioners by BBC.

Free TV licences for the over75s had been provided by the government since 2000 but responsibility for the provision of free licences was passed by government to the BBC as part of its last licence fee settlement.

Many over 75s will find it difficult to pay because they are not online and may be either unable to unwilling to leave their homes due to coronavirus fears.

Around 40 percent of pensioners in the UK are entitled to Pension Credit as their income is low. If UK pensioners were to claim Pension Credit they would also save over £150 on TV licence each year as it is still going to be free for over75s on Pension Credit.

What To Do In Retirement UK
Loving retirement more in UK with CheeringupInfo

What To Do In Retirement UK. Loving retirement more in UK with CheeringupInfo

Bucket List for Retirement
Complete your Retirement Bucket List quicker and cheaper with

When and how to retire in the UK is not the same for everybody. Some never want to retire. Others want to retire early. What not to do in retirement in UK is waste it!

Are most retirees happy? No and for different reasons. Planning for a better retirement will help ensure you do enjoy your retirement.

Preparing emotionally for retirement is not as easy as it sounds. Your life will change in retirement. Whether it changes for the better is not always within your control.

CheeringupInfo offers a number of different ways to get more from life after retirement in the UK. There should be more to life after retirement in the UK for everybody. Not everyone can live like a King but then again not all Kings are happy with life!

You need to be happy with your life in retirement whatever you choose for yourself.

From keeping fit and healthy to exploring fashion culture and the world our retirement services have something to offer everyone in retirement in the UK. Pick up tips for a happy retirement in the UK on CheeringupInfo for free. Tune in regularly to see the latest retirement life news opinions reviews recommendations and exclusive offers to make your retirement fund go further.

My Retirement Options
What are my retirement options in UK?

Read and watch videostream about everything you need to make the most of your new free time.

Are you retired in UK and loving it?

Stop working and live the life you want with CheeringupInfo. Will you be OK financially to retire? Get help to plan for a wealthier retirement in the UK.

Retirement Lifestyle
How To Enjoy Retirement In UK

Find out what it will take to retire at the time you want to retire in the retirement lifestyle you want for yourself. The earlier you start planning the more flexibility you will develop for retirement life. Do you know what you want to do in your retirement?

How much will your retirement cost you?

Is your retirement fund going to be sustainable for the rest of your life on earth. What does an enjoyable day in retirement look like to you? How will you live life on your own time? Do you want the financial freedom to travel? How will you grow into your retirement life in the UK?

Retirement Planning UK
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Retired and Older People Feeling More Connected Online In UK
Older people can be vulnerable to loneliness and social isolation. This can be a cause of depression in older people in the UK. It is easy to be left feeling alone and vulnerable. One way many older people now feel more connected and less lonely is via the internet.
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Retirement news articles and videos
MOT During Coronavirus
MOT rules during coronavirus
Latest Travel News June 2020
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Coronavirus Pandemic Beach Holiday Advice and Deals
Coronavirus Pandemic Beach Holiday Advice and Deals

Resolution Foundation think tank argues that triple lock commitment is unfair on unemployed and average earning working families

Triple Lock Promise
Resolution Foundation think tank argues that triple lock commitment is unfair on unemployed and working families.

Calls for UK government to scrap the triple lock on state pensions commitment to UK pensioners

The Resolution Foundation financial experts are warning pensions will rise five times faster than earnings because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The triple lock promise guarantees that state pension values will increase by the highest of average wages prices or 2.5 percent.

The Resolution Foundation said in a new report that UK pensions will leap ahead of average working family earnings and unemployed and cost UK taxpayers billions more than is fair to other parts of UK society.

How do i find out if i have a pension from an old job
How do I find out if I have a pension from an old job?

How Do I Find My Pension From Years Ago? Contact the Pension Tracing Service For Free

The Pension Tracing Service in UK is a free service which searches a database of more than 200000 workplace and personal pension schemes to try to find the contact details you need.

You can phone the Pension Tracing Service on 0800 731 0193

Make sure you receive or claim all the retirement benefits you are entitled to in the UK

Nearly 2 million UK pensioners are living in poverty according to The Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Failing to claim all the retirement benefits you are due is one of the reasons people are not living more comfortably in retirement in the UK.

  • UK State Pension most pensioners will be aware they are entitled to a State Pension providing a regular taxable income for the rest of your life. However the amount you get depends on how many qualifying years of National Insurance contributions or credits an individual builds up over their working lifetime. In conjunction with UK State Pension you may be entitled to additional income via Universal Credit to help cover costs of caring for your partner or spouse as well as the cost of retirement housing.
  • Pension Credit if you have low retirement income you may be entitled to Pension Credit. It could boost your monthly income from UK State Pension. You have to claim it to get it. If you are eligible to get it you could get hundreds of extra pounds of retirement income per year. You need to search for the words Pension Credit on the Gov.UK website to make your claim or type Applying for Pension Credit may also make you eligible automatically for Cold Weather Payments which are in addition to Winter Fuel Payment.
  • Reduced Council Tax contact your Council direct to find out if you are eligible for discounted or reduced council tax payment every year. If the money is not going to the council you will have more to spend on yourself and your retirement lifestyle.
  • Free TV Licence If you are aged 75 or over you are eligible for free TV licence. This may or may not change as there is political pressure on BBC to maintain free licences for over 75s in UK post coronavirus pandemic.
  • Travel Support depends on where you live in the UK but you are entitled to free bus pass from 60 onwards.
  • Winter Fuel Payment claim the Winter Fuel Payment by calling on landline for free 0800 731 0160. The amount you will get will depend on your age and who lives in your home.
  • Health Benefits do not pay for your medical prescriptions or an eyesight test if you are over 60. You may be entitled to cheaper dental treatment and glasses too.

A quick retirement benefits calculator could help you scoop up all retirement benefits entitlements

Unretirement Magazine
Retirement Age Workers In UK Returning To Work With Help From

Healthy Retirement Tips


Retirement Planning Tips UK

Check Your Financial Fitness
Financial fitness check up with CheeringupInfo

Retirement Planning Tips for a happier retirement including Personal Finance Housing Accommodation and Holiday Travel.

Preparation towards retirement is not an exact science. You need your own plan to match your idea of a happy retirement. We can however provide good tips for retirement living to improve your lifestyle whilst in retirement.

If you are within a couple of years of your preferred retirement date you need to act immediately to put your retirement house in order! The further you are away from retirement you are the more relaxed you can be about retirement planning but whatever age you are you should still put putting some money aside for your retirement. If you are around 10 years from retirement you should be gradually managing your financial affairs so that more of your assets is in cash or can easily be converted to cash as you will have less time for poorly performing investments to recover and may need quick access to cash at any time.

Get rid of debts the closer you are to retirement. Pay off the debts with the highest annual interest payments first then work your way down. For example credit cards and store cards often have very high interest rates. Paying off credit card debts before paying off your mortgage makes more financial sense as mortgage rates should be a lot lower than most credit card bills.

Have you reviewed your spending needs whilst in retirement? How much do you need to save before retirement to make retirement living comfortable? Plan ahead today for a better future that is well funded and you will be happier after finishing with work.

Most people in the UK do not save enough to fund their retirement aspirations.   How much will you have to or want to spend each week whilst in retirement? What one off big ticket items could you be forced to spend or want to spend?

Do you know where your income will come from when you retire? Write down where income will come from including their contact website telephone and email so you can get access to the money that will come from each pot of money. Use the UK governments Pension Tracing Service if you are not sure what pensions you have coming for example if you changed jobs several times throughout your career free service 00845 6002 537.

Be careful with the implications of tax liability before you access any of your retirement income options. Taking out too much cash from your retirement funds at the wrong time could lose you a lot of money owed to the tax office.

Do not forget your retirement planning needs to take account of the damaging effect of inflation. If inflation is rising faster than your income rises then you will have a diminishing level of income each week in real terms and therefore have less money to spend in future than you do when you first retire. Remember you are more likely to live longer than your parents did and retirement planning needs to look at the long term not the first few years of retirement.

Retirement Planning Tips
Planning for retirement tips for people retiring in the UK with

More UK Retirement Tips

Retirement Planning UK
Retirement UK Planning and Lifestyle Tips

#104 Avoid tax legally in the UK and avoid late tax payment penalties

Reminder deadline for self assessment tax returns is at the end of January

#105 Do not invest in something that starts from an unsolicited phone call or email

Avivas recent survey Real Retirement report found that email scammers have conned more than 1 million people in the UK. 73 percent of over 45s with internet access have been targeted by at least one email scam and 6 percent fell for it. However the report also found that internet access can enhance the life of the over 45s. 75 percent said such technology made an overall positive impact on their lives. 66 percent said it helped them with their day to day finances. Cold calling people to sell them something is not illegal but any reputable investment company will use other means to contact only people who have requested help.

#103 Do not rely on your pension savings to fund your retirement!

74 percent of final salary schemes in deficit in November 2016. Pension funds in the UK are underfunded by just short of £200bn.

At the moment the UK government and all previous governments have failed to grasp the nettle. The financial crisis starting in 2008 has exasperated the position of pension funds, but the whole structure of pension provision is broken and almost corrupt in that pension savers are being deceived by the financial industry the UK government and employers about the reliability of their pension.

Most UK employers can change the pension scheme almost at their leisure.   When companies go bust, company directors can walk away without penalty, knowing that their lack of contribution to corporate pension fund without being penalised. Their under funding of pension improves financial performance of the business and therefore directors bonuses whilst employed. UK pensioners pick up their pension from taxpayers in UK now not their taxes whilst they were working. In other words all UK governments have failed whilst in public office to responsibly to prepare the country for an aging population who do not work. This scandal is ignored because there are so many other immediate problems to deal with.

Soon the pension problem will get to the top of politicians agenda, but by then it will be too late.

20000 BHS pensioners are facing cuts to their promised pensions at21st December 2016


#102 Many couples who are not higher rate taxpayers have failed to seize the opportunity to save money on tax due in the UK

If you are married or in a civil partnership and one person has income of under £11000 and the other under £43000 you can claim married tax allowance that will save you enough money to go on an annual short break. If you have not claimed it yet when you claim claim for last year too.

How do you reduce the risk of an unhappy retirement?

Retired and Older People Feeling More Connected Online In UK
Older people can be vulnerable to loneliness and social isolation. This can be a cause of depression in older people in the UK. It is easy to be left feeling alone and vulnerable. One way many older people now feel more connected and less lonely is via the internet.

Loneliness Breed More Loneliness As People Feel Less Able To Connect and Connecting Online Can Be A Bridge To A Happier Life In Retirement Online And Offline

Picking the right level of social connection with which you feel comfortable is key to happiness.

Over 1 million older people say they always or often feel lonely in the UK


Many of us have felt lonely at some point in our lives. Connecting digitally can and does give many people a window into another world that means you do not feel so isolated. The internet and digital technology can be invaluable for staying in touch with family and friends. It can also help you make new friends.

Lonely people suffer from more depressive symptoms as they have than been reported to be less happy. Getting connected can brighten your day make you feel happier and stop depression taking over your life. Internet use can make older people less lonely and support greater wellbeing.

Other ways to get yourself into the grove of a better retirement in UK:

  1. Save more for retirement than you currently do. Most people in the UK don’t save enough to make their retirement comfortable.
  2. Build a cash pot not just assets to finance at least a year without dipping into any other less liquid assets preferably 2 years. When working you are at working age you need at least 6 months in cash tucked away to finance everyday and luxury expenses but when you retire you need more of a cash nest egg.
  3. Payoff all debts before you get to retirement including any credit card or bank loans.
  4. Tax can eat into your savings so good tax planning prior to and during retirement whilst you access retirement funds is critical to prevent wasting money by giving it to the tax office unnecessarily. Make sure you make full use of tax efficient tools like pension entitlements and ISAs.
  5. Complete investment nominations for when you die so that your inheritance passes to the people you want to receive it quickly and your hard earned money is not wasted when you die.
  6. Keep an eye on the estimate for size of your pension pots
  7. Create a list of all the income you will have access to in retirement including contact telephone numbers websites and emails.
  8. Think about the pros and cons financial and lifestyle of delaying your retirement. The more flexible you are with your retirement date the more likely you are to maximise your retirement income.
  9. Set your retirement goals before you retire. Everybody will have a different idea what an ideal retirement looks like. Only you can know what is best for your retirement. Once you know what you want in retirement you can personalise your retirement planning to make sure you get what you want out of retirement in UK.

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