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Should you stop playing when you grow older?

Retiring Abroad Suggestions Reviews and Tips

Retirement is a significant milestone in life, and it often comes with a change in lifestyle and a search for new experiences. For many retirees, this means moving to a new place where they can enjoy a better quality of life, lower cost of living, and a welcoming community. Here are some of the best places to retire in the world:

Portugal is a beautiful country with a mild climate, friendly people, and affordable cost of living. The healthcare system is also of high quality and accessible to all residents, including retirees. The Algarve region in southern Portugal is particularly popular among retirees due to its stunning beaches, year-round sunshine, and relaxed lifestyle.

Costa Rica
Costa Rica is known for its natural beauty, rich culture, and affordable cost of living. The country has a stable political climate, excellent healthcare, and a welcoming community. Retirees can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in Costa Rica, surrounded by lush forests, beaches, and wildlife.

Spain is a popular destination for retirees due to its warm climate, rich culture, and affordable cost of living. The country is home to stunning architecture, delicious food, and a relaxed lifestyle. The southern region of Andalusia is particularly popular among retirees due to its mild climate and charming towns.

Mexico offers a warm climate, beautiful beaches, and a low cost of living. The country has a rich history, delicious cuisine, and welcoming culture. Retirees can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in Mexico, surrounded by stunning natural landscapes and friendly locals.

Panama is a small country in Central America that offers a low cost of living, excellent healthcare, and a stable political climate. The country has a warm tropical climate, stunning beaches, and a rich cultural heritage. Retirees can enjoy a relaxed lifestyle in Panama, surrounded by beautiful natural scenery and a friendly community.

Thailand is a popular destination for retirees due to its warm climate, affordable cost of living, and vibrant culture. The country has a rich history, stunning natural beauty, and delicious cuisine. Retirees can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in Thailand, surrounded by friendly locals, stunning beaches, and a welcoming community.

Malta is a small island nation in the Mediterranean Sea that offers a warm climate, rich culture, and affordable cost of living. The country has a stable political climate, excellent healthcare, and a relaxed lifestyle. Retirees can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in Malta, surrounded by stunning natural scenery and a friendly community.

There are many great places to retire in the world, each with its unique culture, climate, and lifestyle. Whether you prefer the warm climate and relaxed lifestyle of Portugal, the natural beauty and affordable cost of living of Costa Rica, or the rich cultural heritage of Thailand, there is a retirement destination that will suit your needs and preferences.

Retiring Benefits UK

Cheeringup.Info Retirement Magazine will help you live the best retirement in the UK

As people enter their golden years, they often look forward to a more relaxed pace of life, time with family and friends, and the opportunity to pursue hobbies and interests they may not have had time for during their working years. However, retirement can also bring financial and health challenges. Fortunately, for retirees and people over 55 in the UK, there are a variety of resources and programs available to help them live better in retirement.

Financial Benefits

One of the primary concerns for retirees is managing their finances. Many people may worry about outliving their savings or not having enough income to cover their expenses. Fortunately, the UK government offers a range of financial support programs for older citizens.

State Pension: The state pension is a regular payment from the government that provides a basic level of income to retirees. The amount of the state pension depends on an individual’s National Insurance contributions.

Pension Credit: Pension credit is an income-related benefit that provides additional financial support to those with a low income. It can help to top up a pension or other income to a minimum amount.

Council Tax Reduction: Council Tax Reduction is a means-tested benefit that can help those on low incomes to pay their council tax bills.

Health Benefits

Retirees in the UK also have access to a range of health benefits, including:

NHS: The National Health Service (NHS) provides free healthcare to all UK residents, including retirees. This includes access to doctors, hospitals, and other medical services.

Prescription Discounts: Retirees over 60 are entitled to free prescriptions for all medications in England, Scotland, and Wales. In Northern Ireland, the age threshold is 65.

Free Eye Tests: Everyone over 60 in the UK is entitled to a free eye test every two years.

Mobility Support: The government provides a range of mobility support services, including free bus travel and disabled parking permits.

Social Benefits

Retirement can also bring social challenges, as people may find themselves with fewer opportunities to socialize and connect with others. Fortunately, the UK has a variety of programs and resources available to help retirees stay socially engaged.

Age UK: Age UK is a charity that provides a range of services to older people, including information and advice, befriending services, and social activities.

Community Centers: Many communities in the UK have community centers that offer a range of activities and events for older people, including exercise classes, hobby groups, and social events.

Volunteering: Volunteering can be a great way for retirees to stay socially engaged and give back to their communities. There are a variety of volunteering opportunities available in the UK, including charity work, mentoring, and tutoring.

Retirement can be a time of both excitement and uncertainty. However, retirees and people over 55 in the UK have access to a range of resources and programs that can help them live better in retirement. From financial support to healthcare benefits to social programs, the UK offers a wealth of resources to help retirees enjoy a fulfilling and comfortable retirement.

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UK: Tips To Escape The Rat Race

Early Retirement in the UK: 10 Essential Tips to Achieve Financial Freedom and Enjoy Your Golden Years

The “rat race” is a term often used to describe the constant and competitive struggle of working to earn a living. It can be difficult to break free from the rat race, but with some strategic planning and hard work, it is possible. Here are ten tips on how to escape the rat race in the UK:

  1. Define your goals: To break free from the rat race, you need to know what you are working towards. Set specific and measurable goals, whether it’s financial freedom, a new career, or starting your own business.
  2. Create a budget: A budget is essential for managing your finances and achieving your financial goals. Track your spending, cut unnecessary expenses, and save as much as you can to reach your financial goals faster.
  3. Build a strong network: Networking is crucial for building new relationships and finding opportunities. Attend industry events, join professional groups, and connect with like-minded individuals.
  4. Invest in education: Learning new skills and knowledge can help you move forward in your career and increase your earning potential. Look for online courses, workshops, and seminars to expand your knowledge.
  5. Explore alternative income streams: Consider creating passive income streams, such as investing in stocks, property, or setting up an online business.
  6. Start a side hustle: Starting a side business or freelancing can help you earn extra money and gain experience in a new industry. It can also lead to a full-time career change.
  7. Reduce your debt: High levels of debt can keep you trapped in the rat race. Focus on paying off your debts as quickly as possible to free up your finances.
  8. Prioritise your health: Maintaining good health is essential for productivity and success. Prioritise exercise, healthy eating, and sleep to keep your body and mind in top condition.
  9. Find work-life balance: Avoid burning out by finding a healthy work-life balance. Set boundaries, take regular breaks, and make time for hobbies and activities outside of work.
  10. Take risks: Breaking free from the rat race requires taking risks and stepping outside of your comfort zone. Be prepared to take calculated risks and embrace change to achieve your goals.

In conclusion, breaking free from the rat race in the UK requires a combination of financial planning, networking, and personal development. By following these ten tips, you can take control of your finances, career, and life, and ultimately achieve your goals.

Retirement Magazine UK
UK: Tips To Escape The Rat Race

Living long happy healthy wealthy life UK

The UK is a wonderful place to live with its rich history, stunning countryside, vibrant cities and strong economy. However, despite its many advantages, many people still struggle to achieve a long, happy, healthy and wealthy life. In this article, we will explore some tips and advice on how to live a fulfilling life in the UK.

Health: The first step to living a long, happy and healthy life is to prioritise your health. Regular exercise, a balanced diet and good sleep habits are essential for a healthy lifestyle. The NHS provides many resources for maintaining good health, including online health assessments, GP services, and preventative care services. In addition, there are many gyms, parks and outdoor spaces where you can enjoy exercise and stay active.

Happiness: Happiness is a crucial aspect of a fulfilling life, and there are many ways to increase happiness levels in the UK. Spending time with friends and family, volunteering, and participating in hobbies and interests can all help improve mental wellbeing. It is also important to take care of your mental health, and the NHS provides many resources for mental health support, including talking therapies and medication.

Wealth: Wealth and financial stability can greatly improve quality of life, and there are many ways to build wealth in the UK. Investing in stocks, bonds, and real estate can all help build wealth over time. It is also important to live within your means and save regularly. The UK government provides resources for financial planning and investment, including the Money Advice Service and the Pension Advisory Service.

Longevity: Finally, longevity is a key factor in living a long and happy life, and there are many ways to increase lifespan in the UK. In addition to maintaining good health habits, it is important to avoid risky behaviors such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. The UK has a strong healthcare system and many preventative health services, including flu shots and cancer screenings, which can help improve lifespan.

In conclusion, living a long, happy, healthy and wealthy life in the UK is achievable with the right mindset and habits. By prioritising health, happiness, wealth and longevity, you can enjoy a fulfilling life in this wonderful country.

Tips from the experts on how to live to be a centenarian in UK

Unlock the Secrets to Living a Long and Healthy Life: Insider Tips from UK Centenarians

Living to be a centenarian, or reaching the age of 100, is becoming increasingly common in the United Kingdom. According to Age Concern UK, the number of centenarians in the UK has quadrupled over the past 30 years, and is projected to continue to increase in the coming years. So, what can you do to increase your chances of reaching this milestone? Here are some tips based on research from the Gerontology Research Group, the Institute for Aging Research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and other experts in the field of aging and longevity.

  1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle: One of the most important factors in achieving a long and healthy life is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This includes eating a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, getting regular exercise, and avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.
  2. Stay socially active: Social connections and engagement have been shown to be important for maintaining both physical and mental health as we age. Volunteer work, joining clubs or groups with similar interests, and staying in touch with friends and family are all great ways to stay socially active.
  3. Keep your brain active: Keeping your brain active and challenged has been shown to help maintain cognitive function and reduce the risk of age-related diseases such as dementia. Activities such as reading, puzzles, and learning new skills can all help to keep the brain active.
  4. Manage stress: Chronic stress can take a toll on both physical and mental health, so it’s important to find ways to manage stress effectively. Yoga, meditation, and other relaxation techniques can be helpful in reducing stress levels.
  5. Get regular check-ups: Regular check-ups with your doctor can help to catch and treat any health issues early, which can help to prevent more serious problems down the line.
  6. Consider taking supplement: There are some supplements that have been shown to have potential benefits for aging such as omega-3s, vitamin D, and coenzyme Q10, but it’s important to talk to your doctor before starting any new supplements.
  7. Don’t forget about genetics: It’s important to note that genetics also plays a role in determining lifespan, so if you have a family history of longevity, you may be more likely to live a longer life.

Living to be a centenarian is becoming more common in the UK, and by following these tips, you can increase your chances of reaching this milestone. Remember, however, that no one can predict the future, and it’s important to focus on living a healthy and fulfilling life at every stage.

Retirement Magazine UK
Unlock the Secrets to Living a Long and Healthy Life: Insider Tips from UK Centenarians

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Retirement Magazine UK
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Make A Will Online Promotion

Retirement Magazine
Make A Will Online UK

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Retirement Magazine Live

Over 55s Alternatives To Pub Crawls

  1. Wine tasting tours
  2. Art gallery visits
  3. Historical walking tours
  4. Museum hopping
  5. Garden tours
  6. Scenic boat rides
  7. Food and cooking classes
  8. Dance or music lessons
  9. Nature walks or hikes
  10. Book club meetings or literary events

Will Triple Lock Stay In UK

Triple Lock Promise
Will the UK government keep triple lock guarantee?

No is the simple answer! Nothing has been announced yet, but the UK government has made a mess of budgeting under Liz Truss. If it was possible to keep triple lock prior to this misgovernment, it is highly unlikely the very expensive triple lock cost will be retained. The UK government has already indicated it will cut costs in the tens of billions so skiping triple lock cost for another year will be one of the first to be scored out with big red pen.

Retirement Funding Options
Retirement Living UK
Are You Living In Retirement Or Rotting In Retirement In UK

What is a flexible retirement plan?

Flexible retirement planning informs your decisions on flexing into and out of retirement at the right time for you. Changing economic and personal circumstances means how flexible retirement plan should enable you to maintain the best retirement lifestyle at your disposal. Build into your flexible retirement plan the ability to dynamically change what you do in retirement when you want to change what you do in retirement.

Retirement magazine subscription
What is a flexible retirement plan?

There are many business leaders in the UK calling upon retired persons to rejoin the workforce. Retirement is not a once in a lifestyle decision. It did not be. If you want or need to re-join the workforce, there are opportunities including part-time as well as full-time work.

Energy bills are forecast to top £4,200 in January 2023 as the cost of living in the UK continues to escalate. The energy price cap is set to rise by more than £650 by January, meaning a typical household will pay the equivalent of £4,266 a year in the first quarter 2023.

Furthermore, you may be happy to remain in retirement, but not persist with the same elements within your retirement lifestyle. This again is your prerogative. That is, if you have the flexible retirement plan in place to enable you to pivot and change retirement lifestyle direction when you want to. Whereas initially, you were happy chilling in your home, you may decide after longer reflection that travelling the world is best for you. If you have planned your retirement as effectively as possible, you may be able to pick and choose more than a few just let your retirement happen.

Don’t think of on retirement as returning to your old job type. Instead, think about the retirement lifestyle you want, the income you want or need to make it worthwhile for you and the compromises that you will not make for any job.

Beat Inflation In UK By Exploring Retirement Lifestyle Abroad

Retirement magazine
Beat Inflation In UK By Exploring Retirement Lifestyle Abroad With Retirement Magazine Tips and Reviews

Funeral regulation UK from 29 July 2022

Pre-paid funeral plans will fall under Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulation from 29 July 2022.

  • Legally sold and administered funeral plans will be covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) should a company go bust.
  • You will also be able to complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) if you think you’ve been mistreated by a provider.
  • Check that your funeral plan provider is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority FCA

Any funeral plan provider that isn’t authorised by the FCA will be committing a criminal offence if it attempts to sell or administer a contract after 29 July.

How do you find out about forgotten pensions?

How does the stock market affect my pension?

How much have pension pots dropped 2022
How does the stock market affect my pension?

Why are pension funds underfunded?

Why are pension funds underfunded?

This is not a case where pensioners lose out. However, when a business collapses and a pension find for employees is underfunded, the fund is protected by law but the underfunded element remains underfunded. What this means is that the employees of the failed business will receive a lower pension than they should have cause the employer had not paid into the pension pot what it should have.

This is a pension scandal that has played out repeatedly for years. This pension scandal could be prevented if our politicians forced employers to fully fund your pension pot as you do every week or month. Why don’t you write to your MP to ask them to stop this pension provision scandal?

When paying into your pension pot remember pensions are like all other investments. Your retirement fund may not turn out to be as big as you thought it would be for a host of reasons, including your employer underfunding your pension pot.

How to do I resign beautifully During The Big Quit

What should I say when resigning during the Great Resignation

The Big Quit or The Great Resignation kind of started in 2021 after a year of lockdowns and when people had a look at themselves, their life so far and asked themselves what they wanted for the rest of their lives.

Perhaps they also listened to vicenarians talking and realised life is not all about working, climbing the slippery career pole or making as much money as humanly possible.

Each Big Quitter had their own reasons for resigning from job into retirement. However, together they created what became known as The Great Resignation taking part in the Big Quit where a mass of skilled, experienced and fed up people at normal working age decided to stop working. When covid restrictions began to lift they thought I don’t need this shit in my life, but more importantly said to themselves and their bosses, I won’t have this shit in my life anymore – and left their jobs!

Many of their employers thought, we don’t need you either! However, more and more people have joined the Great Resignation into 2022 and employers have mow found in the UK that there are more than half a million jobs once vacated by older people in last couple years that are not being refilled by suitably experienced and willing workers. In addition there are more than half a million other job vacancies needing filled. The UK continues to have record job vacancies and joint record low unemployment levels. Now there is a global recession coming in 2023 that will reduce job vacancies but in the meantime many people are seizing the opportunity to unretire on their terms. For those that can and want to retire in UK …

Tips for happy retirement in UK

Retire Better with CheeringupInfo
Retirement Mindset Are You Ready To Retire

Our Retirement Magazine is free to read. It is aimed at providing tips, resources and inspiration for a better retirement in UK should you choose to make some changes to your retirement plans or retired life.

What are the fears of retirement?

People on fixed income should rightly be fearful of short-term future in UK and that may include those in retirement. Whatever your age and circumstances, pre-retirement or post-retirement, this period has never been more frightening as an investor. The vast majority of people in retirement or planning for retirement are probably investors in one way or another.

  • Many people are more or less forced to put aside a portion of their income into a pension via investment products like automatic pension enrolment
  • Even if you have no money you can invest or want to invest, your cash buying spending power is dictated to in a large part how investments are performing, underperforming or over-performing
  • If you have already retired many will be relying on investments in their retirement fund to pay retirement income. Even the state pension has some element of reliance on investment performance and goes up more or less based on the likes of UK inflation as well as political interference or interjection.

If you were not a little scared right now you would either mot be normal, be already destitute or very very rich!

Inflation in the UK is killing the lifestyle of people on fixed income living in retirement in UK. It will get worse over 2022 before it gets better. The better will not be price reductions, just prices will stop going up as fast – inflation in UK will slow as interest rates are pumped up fast and the Bank of England destroys money supply. Quantitative Easing QE has been flipped and we are now in a period of the opposite – Quantitative Tightening which equals less cheap money to borrow for housing, cars and holidays. Now is maybe the time to lock-in 0 percent finance deals, fixed rate mortgage or other guaranteed low debt costs. The cost of money is definitely going to rise in UK and globally.

The impact of rising inflation is most painfully felt from the rising cost of the basic necessities of living. We have already seen that with fuel and energy, but the coming global food crisis is foing to bring with it surging price of food in UK. Many more millions around the world will be plunged into starvation according to United Nation’s March 2022 report. In addition, to not accessing food the poorest nations will not be able to pain their debt built up during the pandemic.

Your retirement strategy will depend how far you are from retirement and what retirement fund you have if you have already retired in UK


If you have retired you must surely have felt the impact of inflation when you fill up your car, pay your heating bill or been to buy food? If you have not retired, you maybe benefiting from increased wages. However most will still be net losers after inflation has been taking into account as well as the increase in National Insurance.

Your National Insurance payment does not pay for your retirement. It pays the pension of those who have already retired. Your pension amount will be based purely on political decisions of all those in government between now and the time you retire. If the push up pensions ahead of inflation you will increase your standard of living in retirement. Or to put it another way, if politicians do mot ensure pensions keep pace with inflation then pensioners standard of living will fall – those already retired and those who will reach retirement age in future.


If you are planning for your retirement in future you need to factor in the impact of inflation on your retirement lifestyle. Your investment strategy for the retirement lifestyle you want needs to take into account inflation. For decades inflation has been at or near 2 percent. At least for a short while inflation in UK could be 5 times that high! For a longer period of time ahead its going to be double that.

If you have not retired yet you may need to either readjust the comfortable retirement lifestyle you can afford, commit more of your current income to saving for your retirement or take more risk with the retirement fund you are building – more risk may mean more reward but as they saying goes your retirement fund could reduce as well as increase with extra risk taking.

Whether you are pre-retirement or post-retirement in UK, rising inflation means you may need to make changes now to enjoy your life now or later.

Brutal Truths About Retirement In UK

Retirement Planning UK

Many people do not know what they want out of retirement in the UK. It is difficult to find the time to analyse what it is you should do for the 3rd and last act of your life on earth.

  • Why do you have things in your life you do now and why do you want them in your life when you retire?
  • What if you make the wrong choices?
  • What do you do when your retirement plan does not go as you planned? No life plan goes the way you plan it to go at any time of your life so why should your retirement plan go exactly the way you write it down!
  • How do you ensure your retirement fund is adequate for your retirement plans? How will expected and unexpected lifestyle costs impact on your ability to lead the life in retirement you want for yourself?
  • When do you want to retire? How will you ensure you build up a big enough retirement fund to finance your retirement plan? What impact will this have on your lifestyle before retirement? What compromises are you prepared to make?
  • Where do you want to retire? How does that enhance or detract from your retirement lifestyle plans?
  • Who do you want in your life in retirement? It is not mandatory to do everything you love to do with anyone else. Some things you may want to do on your own? However, if you do want someone else to join you on your dream retirement journey, will the chosen other people you want to join you want to join you?

When planning for a retirement in the UK you need to know what makes you happy in life now and what you really want to do in retirement in future. For some retirement offers the opportunity to do something completely different for the remaining years of life on earth. More likely retirement just gives you the opportunity to spend your time doing the things you love doing before you retire.

Planning for retirement is not just about an organisation taking money out of your wage every month until you retire. Getting the most out of your retirement may not just about retiring and carrying on with your life pre-retirement. If you are happy just drifting into the retirement phase of your life then great. Remember though the majority of people get to the end of their life and regret things they didn’t do in their life. Make sure you are not one of those people. The brutal truths about retirement in the UK is that if people starting questioning themselves about what a great retirement looks like for them they need to answer difficult questions like the bullet points above. The truthful answers more result in decisions like:

  • Change of people you have around you who do not really have your best interests at heart
  • Taking personal responsibility for a successful life in retirement or a bad end to your life
  • You are going to have to be flexible, resilient and determined in retirement. Life in retirement does not mean life is going to be easy and stress free. Solving problems in retirement is just as necessary as solving problems pre-retirement.
  • Your retirement fund is going to limit your retirement choices. You need to know what are the Deal Breakers. Deal breakers should dictate when and how you retire. Early retirement may become possible when you know your Retirement Deal Breakers. Alternatively, you may need or want to work longer.
  • Where you want to retire could be crucial in terms of the rest of your life. Not wanting to sell your family home could restrict you. Relocating, downsizing or equity release could promote increased freedom in retirement lifestyle choices.
  • Who you want to be with until you die could include decisions like divorce, dating, leaving friends and family behind or putting yourself in places which may expose you to new relationships.

No one can create your retirement plan for you. What maybe unimportant to some may be critically important for others. Whether you are retired now or have started thinking about retirement life seriously, you need to start answering serious questions and potentially face some brutal home truths that will guide the last years of your life on earth.

How To Enjoy Life In Retirement Years

How To Enjoy Life After Retirement UK

What To Do In Retirement UK

Retirement Age Life Living Lifestyle Business Magazine To Boost Quality Of Your Retirement Life in UK

A physical or sporting challenge maybe on your retirement bucket list? Others just want to ensure they have comfortable life.

“I want to be in the moment, mindful of my privilege to be alive and well, feeling and loving every moment of life in retirement in UK, with an affordable practical loving retirement life UK I can sustain until I die, so I live the life I can, within my retirement life budget. I do not want to live a life in retirement in UK that wastes my ability, love, desire and energy to live well to the end.”


Living The Retired Life You Want With The Retirement Fund At Your Disposal

Retired Living In UK

Living The Retirement Life You Want For Yourself With CheeringupInfo

More on improving retirement lifestyle in the UK with retirement essentials

Discover more ways to make your life easier and better

Retirement Living Magazine For 0ver 55s To Discover How To Love Retirement UK Even More

Common Retirement Questions UK

UK retirement questions answers and ideas

Find out more about latest money politics culture food drink relationships holidays entertainment and opinions. We keep you connected with the outside world in the UK and beyond.

People do not think about retirement until it is too late. Retirement income compared to working income is usually substantially reduced as a result. Furthermore the lack of a retirement plan means that lifestyle in retirement is not as good as it could be. Reasons for lack of a great retirement plan include:

  • I don’t really understand retirement planning
  • I’m a while off retirement yet
  • I have too many other things on my plate right now

It is likely that many people will live at least 20 to 30 years in retirement in the UK. That is a lot of time. How will you live it?

Are you currently living the retirement life you want to live? Are you living the retirement life you think you have to live instead of the retirement life you could live?

Do you know what retirement life you want when you do retire? Could you afford the retirement life you want for yourself? If you do not build the retirement income you will need to live the retirement lifestyle you want, what are you prepared to sacrifice to survive in retirement?

Get help to understand planning for and living in retirement in the UK including early retirement, if that is what you want. Help for over 55s to live a better life in retirement including latest deals discounts and special offers – make your retirement income go further at improving your retirement lifestyle.

Retirement Data Analysis UK

How to enjoy life after retirement

Helping you to prepare yourself for the best retirement lifestyle

Retirement Planning Calculator

Comfortable retirement income UK

How much should you be investing for your retirement pension fund

Retirement Wellbeing Tips Reviews and Deals

Retirement Health and Wellness

Easy ways to improve your Health and wellness in retirement

Retirement Savings Calculator

Preparing for retirement UK

Simple ways to get your retirement finances in order in UK

Retirement Lifestyle Data Analysis

Best way to save for retirement in UK

Make sure you use your retirement fund to maximise your enjoyment of life.

Retirement Plan and Retirement Options

Third Act In Life

Make The 3rd Act Of Your Life Your Best

Living The Third Act In Life Even Better Than What’s Gone Before With CheeringupInfo

Live your best third act! Make the rest of your life the best of your entire life! Learn about new ways to enjoy your life in retirement. Grow old disgracefully or give yourself the chance to live the most chilled stress free life you could wish for. If you want to create a new way of living this stage of your life we can help you.

The best part of getting older is losing inhibitions. There is no need to place restrictions on what you want in retirement. Plus the retirement phase of your life could be your longest – retiring at 67 means you could easily have 30 years whereas child rearing may last 20 and your teenage life even less. The best days of your life are not your school days but your retirement years.

Changing your life in retirement need not be an overnight thing – grow into it slowly and cultivate the things that bring you most joy. Make your Third Act anything you want it to be with help from CheeringupInfo.

Retirement Focus

The Day You Retire Should Be One Of The Best Days Of Your Life

Celebrate Retirement With Great New Life

The day you retire should be one of the best days of your life – you’ve picked the day of your retirement and everything is in place to live the retirement you want for yourself.

Your financial situation should be as strong as possible when you retire to give yourself the best chance of living the life you want in retirement. That takes careful evaluation and planning.

To have a comfortable safe fun retirement you need to build the financial retirement fund of the right size with a little extra for the unanticipated. When you retire you want to be free of money worries as there may be less opportunities to make more money. Make sure you’re ready for retirement when it comes.

In retirement you will likely have more options for how to spend your time than when you were working. You don’t have to do anything you do not want to do if you have prepared properly for retirement. It maybe worth you challenging what you think the perfect retirement looks like for you. Use your retirement to enjoy yourself and experience a full life.

Work with CheeringupInfo to find out how can you have the retirement you’ve always wanted for yourself. Planning your retirement is crucial to living the best life in retirement.

Retirement News and Retirement Online Resources To Help Inform Your Decision Making

How to enjoy life after retirement

Living the retired lifestyle that makes you happy

Grow Old Disgracefully with CheeringupInfo

Retirement Life UK

Grow Old Disgracefully With CheeringupInfo

The COVID19 pandemic has taught us one valuable lesson. Retirement life should not be taken for granted. For a start it is not a given you will have a life in retirement. Secondly retirement life can be better for most people with a little more planning. Putting more effort in your retirement life will make you happier even if you are not darting off on a cruise every month! Work at what makes your life in retirement better and you will be rewarded with a better life in retirement with CheeringupInfo.

Grow old disgracefully better and more adventurously for happier more fulfilling retirement you would choose for yourself if you could satisfy your own wishes for your retirement. Retirement health and wellness articles for tips reviews and special offers to improve your retirement lifestyle inn the UK. Keep your body and mind in good shape so you can enjoy your retirement more. Explore new volunteering ideas to give back and feel better doing it.

Retirement lifestyle discussion forums to connect with people in retirement locally and online. Join our growing online retirement community to improve your life in retirement and improve real life society in the UK.

Travel and Holiday Tips Reviews and Special Offers

Retirement Travel Ideas

Ever get a pain that makes you think its time to retire and explore the world as life is not endless even if some days it feels like it! Maybe its time to put more life into living?

Retirement Travel and Holiday Tips Reviews and Special Offers

Travel products for retirees reviews. Retire and travel cheap or in luxury. Retirement road trip ideas. Long-term travel in retirement ideas. Explore latest best kinds of travel activities for retirees.

Group family couple and solo travel ideas to help you pick your best holiday and make sure you make the most of your travelling opportunities in retirement.

Solo Traveller Holidays

Solo Traveller Holidays and Experiences

Reviews of products and services to make retirement in the UK better

Retirement Reviews UK

What are the best products and services in UK to make retirement more enjoyable

Retirement Planning UK Magazine
Retirement Magazine
Retirement Magazine Free Subscription

Retirement Living Tips For Better Retirement Lifestyle UK

Retirement Living UK
Are You Living In Retirement Or Rotting In Retirement In UK

Real Foodies Cooking Tips and Love Food Suggestions Reviews

Beyond Meat Meat Free Alternative

Food and Drink Magazine Review. Beyond Meat The Beyond Meat Burger Tesco

Veggies will become mainstream in the UK by 2030

Pick up latest deals discounts and special offers to make retirement money go further in the UK

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How to enjoy life after retirement in UK

How to enjoy life after retirement in UK with CheeringupInfo

Retirement for over 55s in UK providing tips advice and support to transition from working to retirement and then enjoy retirement age including travel leisure care health and fitness and retirement finances like pensions.

Retirement magazine UK

Magazine format for people planning for or living in retirement in the UK. Read retirement planning articles and watch video streaming live and on demand to help you make the most of your retirement years in the UK

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Inform your retirement lifestyle decision-making

  • Maybe you cannot afford to retire?
  • Will you continue to work for non financial reasons when you could retire if you wanted to for example you want to keep active?
  • Maybe you enjoy working and will never want to stop?
  • Will your pensions and other savings produce a comfortable life in retirement?
  • Watch or participate in live online retirement lifestyle broadcasts. Join the debate about what people in retirement need and do nots.
  • Look around the world. See and hear what other people do in retirement in other parts of the world not just the UK.
  • Improve your retirement living in the UK including adopting your current home to meet your changing needs to moving into best residential care home near you. Discover the different options for retirement living in the UK.

Live online interaction with retirement planning experts and people who are retired already and who can offer practical advice on what to do as well as what not to do to enjoy your retirement in the UK.

Enjoy your retirement more 4 less

Retirement Magazine UK

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Want to retire early?

Retirement Early Tips Advice and Guidance UK

Retirement Early Tips Advice and Guidance UK

“Have you realised that working for someone else, doing something you now struggle to do, even if you get paid very well for it is pointless in a life that has less left that it used to have ahead of it!”

Early Retirement Calculator UK

Tips Advice and Support To Retire Early In UK. Email with code #RetireEarly in the Subject Box of your email.

Guide To Retirement UK

Preparing for Retirement UK

Preparing for Retirement UK

Build a diversified retirement fund to maximise your chances of a better retirement lifestyle in the UK

Discover deals discounts and exclusive offers to reduce your cost of living. Explore better ways of living in retirement.

More Things To Do In Retirement For Less

retirement what to do

Ideas for things to do in retirement in UK

Retire at the age you want to retire in the UK with the type of lifestyle you choose for yourself

Be better prepared for retirement. Tap into support and assistance to enhance your retirement in the UK.

Retirement Housing Retirement Homes Near Me with Interiors and Accommodation News Opinions and Reviews

Housing Options For The Elderly UK

Retirement Housing Options UK

Retirement Essentials UK

Retirement Essentials UK

Discover easier and better ways to live in retirement with CheeringupInfo

Access the latest UK retirement lifestyle tips advice and support with help from CheeringupInfo

Make sure you maximise your income in retirement in the UK. Tracking down all pensions and retirement benefits is not easy but crucial to making your retirement lifestyle what you want it to be.

Financial tips will help you maximise the use of your retirement pot. Money saving tips will make your available money go further. Retirement advice will help you find new ways to enjoy life in retirement even more.

Things To Do When Retired and Bored UK

Retirement Tips

Find new ways to improve life in retirement in UK with CheeringupInfo

What to do in retirement in UK is a very individual question to answer

Preparing for retirement UK should include how you plan to live out the rest of your life assuming you will never return to working again. That may sound easy but it requires realistic retirement plan that takes into account your wealth and health. To ensure you have a fulfilling enjoyable retirement in the UK you may need to work at it in a more organised way. Your retirement plan may need to change as you age further taking into account your changing circumstances including changing relationships wealth and health.

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What To Do In Retirement UK. Loving retirement more in UK with CheeringupInfo

Bucket List for Retirement

Complete your Retirement Bucket List quicker and cheaper with

When and how to retire in the UK is not the same for everybody. Some never want to retire. Others want to retire early. What not to do in retirement in UK is waste it!

Are most retirees happy? No and for different reasons. Planning for a better retirement will help ensure you do enjoy your retirement.

Preparing emotionally for retirement is not as easy as it sounds. Your life will change in retirement. Whether it changes for the better is not always within your control.

CheeringupInfo offers a number of different ways to get more from life after retirement in the UK. There should be more to life after retirement in the UK for everybody. Not everyone can live like a King but then again not all Kings are happy with life!

You need to be happy with your life in retirement whatever you choose for yourself.

My Retirement Options

What are my retirement options in UK?

From keeping fit and healthy to exploring fashion culture and the world our retirement services have something to offer everyone in retirement in the UK

Pick up tips for a happy retirement in the UK on CheeringupInfo for free. Tune in regularly to see the latest retirement life news opinions reviews recommendations and exclusive offers to make your retirement fund go further.

Read and watch videostream about everything you need to make the most of your new free time.

Retirement Health and Wellness

Retirement Wellbeing Tips Reviews and Deals

Retirement Health and Wellness

Retirement Wellbeing Tips Reviews and Deals

Exploring the positives and negatives of retirement in UK. Looking at impact of retirement on health and wellbeing. Developing retirement coping strategies. Preparing for retirement UK to ensure it is the best period of your life.

Prostate Cancer UK
Prostrate Cancer 1 in 8 men in UK get it
Prostrate Cancer UK

Prostrate Cancer Women Suffer too

Are you retired in UK and loving it or are you looking for retirement jobs – unretirement?

Retirement Lifestyle

How To Enjoy Retirement In UK

Stop working and live the life you want with CheeringupInfo. Will you be OK financially to retire? Get help to plan for a wealthier retirement in the UK.

Find out what it will take to retire at the time you want to retire in the retirement lifestyle you want for yourself. The earlier you start planning the more flexibility you will develop for retirement life. Do you know what you want to do in your retirement?

How much will your retirement cost you?

Retirement Planning UK

Enjoy your retirement in UK with

Is your retirement fund going to be sustainable for the rest of your life on earth. What does an enjoyable day in retirement look like to you? How will you live life on your own time? Do you want the financial freedom to travel? How will you grow into your retirement life in the UK?

Find out more about retirement with CheeringupInfo Retirement Magazine for free.

Online Dating Over 55 UK With CheeringupInfo Dating Magazine UK

Online Dating Over 55 UK

Online Dating Over 55 UK

Meet interesting singles today and find someone compatible to live the rest of your life with in the UK

Meet singles over 55 who are like minded. Match online.

Find a partner online for dating in the UK and overseas

Falling In Love After 55

Get help to connect with more people in retirement in UK with

Develop new friendships and explore companionship online. Join in the online discussion and meet up face to face when you are ready

Start online dating today and discover what activities you can join in near you in UK. Meet older women and men looking for genuine romantic connection.

Meet up online and in person with CheeringupInfo Retirement Zoom Meetings

Retired and Older People Feeling More Connected Online In UK

Older people can be vulnerable to loneliness and social isolation. This can be a cause of depression in older people in the UK. It is easy to be left feeling alone and vulnerable. One way many older people now feel more connected and less lonely is via the internet.

Find new friendly faces to talk to virtually online and meet face to face by agreement or at organised events

Your happily ever after is still out there! Over 55 dating is easy to set up. Join in the discussion when you are ready and interested . Discover new ways to meet singles over 55 in the UK.

Resolution Foundation think tank argues that triple lock commitment is unfair on unemployed and average earning working families

Triple Lock Promise

Resolution Foundation think tank argues that triple lock commitment is unfair on unemployed and working families.

Calls for UK government to scrap the triple lock on state pensions commitment to UK pensioners

The Resolution Foundation financial experts are warning pensions will rise five times faster than earnings because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The triple lock promise guarantees that state pension values will increase by the highest of average wages prices or 2.5 percent.

The Resolution Foundation said in a new report that UK pensions will leap ahead of average working family earnings and unemployed and cost UK taxpayers billions more than is fair to other parts of UK society.

How Do I Find My Pension From Years Ago? Contact the Pension Tracing Service For Free

How do i find out if i have a pension from an old job

How do I find out if I have a pension from an old job?

The Pension Tracing Service in UK is a free service which searches a database of more than 200000 workplace and personal pension schemes to try to find the contact details you need.

You can phone the Pension Tracing Service on 0800 731 0193

Make sure you receive or claim all the retirement benefits you are entitled to in the UK

Nearly 2 million UK pensioners are living in poverty according to The Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Failing to claim all the retirement benefits you are due is one of the reasons people are not living more comfortably in retirement in the UK.

  • UK State Pension most pensioners will be aware they are entitled to a State Pension providing a regular taxable income for the rest of your life. However the amount you get depends on how many qualifying years of National Insurance contributions or credits an individual builds up over their working lifetime. In conjunction with UK State Pension you may be entitled to additional income via Universal Credit to help cover costs of caring for your partner or spouse as well as the cost of retirement housing.
  • Pension Credit if you have low retirement income you may be entitled to Pension Credit. It could boost your monthly income from UK State Pension. You have to claim it to get it. If you are eligible to get it you could get hundreds of extra pounds of retirement income per year. You need to search for the words Pension Credit on the Gov.UK website to make your claim or type Applying for Pension Credit may also make you eligible automatically for Cold Weather Payments which are in addition to Winter Fuel Payment.
  • Reduced Council Tax contact your Council direct to find out if you are eligible for discounted or reduced council tax payment every year. If the money is not going to the council you will have more to spend on yourself and your retirement lifestyle.
  • Free TV Licence If you are aged 75 or over you are eligible for free TV licence. This may or may not change as there is political pressure on BBC to maintain free licences for over 75s in UK post coronavirus pandemic.
  • Travel Support depends on where you live in the UK but you are entitled to free bus pass from 60 onwards.
  • Winter Fuel Payment claim the Winter Fuel Payment by calling on landline for free 0800 731 0160. The amount you will get will depend on your age and who lives in your home.
  • Health Benefits do not pay for your medical prescriptions or an eyesight test if you are over 60. You may be entitled to cheaper dental treatment and glasses too.

A quick retirement benefits calculator could help you scoop up all retirement benefits entitlements

Unretirement Magazine

Retirement Age Workers In UK Returning To Work With Help From

Healthy More Wealthy Retirement Tips

What To Do In Retirement UK

Loving retirement more in UK with CheeringupInfo


Retirement Planning Tips UK

Retirement Planning Tips

Planning for retirement tips for people retiring in the UK with

Retirement Planning Tips for a happier retirement including Personal Finance Housing Accommodation and Holiday Travel

Preparation towards retirement is not an exact science. You need your own plan to match your idea of a happy retirement. We can however provide good tips for retirement living to improve your lifestyle whilst in retirement.

If you are within a couple of years of your preferred retirement date you need to act immediately to put your retirement house in order! The further you are away from retirement you are the more relaxed you can be about retirement planning but whatever age you are you should still put putting some money aside for your retirement. If you are around 10 years from retirement you should be gradually managing your financial affairs so that more of your assets is in cash or can easily be converted to cash as you will have less time for poorly performing investments to recover and may need quick access to cash at any time.

Get rid of debts the closer you are to retirement. Pay off the debts with the highest annual interest payments first then work your way down. For example credit cards and store cards often have very high interest rates. Paying off credit card debts before paying off your mortgage makes more financial sense as mortgage rates should be a lot lower than most credit card bills.

Have you reviewed your spending needs whilst in retirement? How much do you need to save before retirement to make retirement living comfortable? Plan ahead today for a better future that is well funded and you will be happier after finishing with work.

Most people in the UK do not save enough to fund their retirement aspirations.   How much will you have to or want to spend each week whilst in retirement? What one off big ticket items could you be forced to spend or want to spend?

Do you know where your income will come from when you retire? Write down where income will come from including their contact website telephone and email so you can get access to the money that will come from each pot of money. Use the UK governments Pension Tracing Service if you are not sure what pensions you have coming for example if you changed jobs several times throughout your career free service 00845 6002 537.

Be careful with the implications of tax liability before you access any of your retirement income options. Taking out too much cash from your retirement funds at the wrong time could lose you a lot of money owed to the tax office.

Do not forget your retirement planning needs to take account of the damaging effect of inflation. If inflation is rising faster than your income rises then you will have a diminishing level of income each week in real terms and therefore have less money to spend in future than you do when you first retire. Remember you are more likely to live longer than your parents did and retirement planning needs to look at the long term not the first few years of retirement.

Retirement Money and Wealth Management

Retirement Money and Wealth Management

Manage money better in retirement

Retirement planning and retirement lifestyle management to lead the best life in retirement you choose for yourself with help form CheeringupInfo.

Check Your Financial Fitness

Financial fitness check up with CheeringupInfo

More UK Retirement Tips

Retirement Planning UK

Retirement UK Planning and Lifestyle Tips

#104 Avoid tax legally in the UK and avoid late tax payment penalties

Reminder deadline for self assessment tax returns is at the end of January

#105 Do not invest in something that starts from an unsolicited phone call or email

Avivas recent survey Real Retirement report found that email scammers have conned more than 1 million people in the UK. 73 percent of over 45s with internet access have been targeted by at least one email scam and 6 percent fell for it. However the report also found that internet access can enhance the life of the over 45s. 75 percent said such technology made an overall positive impact on their lives. 66 percent said it helped them with their day to day finances. Cold calling people to sell them something is not illegal but any reputable investment company will use other means to contact only people who have requested help.

#103 Do not rely on your pension savings to fund your retirement!

74 percent of final salary schemes in deficit in November 2016. Pension funds in the UK are underfunded by just short of £200bn.

At the moment the UK government and all previous governments have failed to grasp the nettle. The financial crisis starting in 2008 has exasperated the position of pension funds, but the whole structure of pension provision is broken and almost corrupt in that pension savers are being deceived by the financial industry the UK government and employers about the reliability of their pension.

Most UK employers can change the pension scheme almost at their leisure.   When companies go bust, company directors can walk away without penalty, knowing that their lack of contribution to corporate pension fund without being penalised. Their under funding of pension improves financial performance of the business and therefore directors bonuses whilst employed. UK pensioners pick up their pension from taxpayers in UK now not their taxes whilst they were working. In other words all UK governments have failed whilst in public office to responsibly to prepare the country for an aging population who do not work. This scandal is ignored because there are so many other immediate problems to deal with.

Soon the pension problem will get to the top of politicians agenda, but by then it will be too late.

“20000 BHS pensioners are facing cuts to their promised pensions at21st December 2016”


#102 Many couples who are not higher rate taxpayers have failed to seize the opportunity to save money on tax due in the UK

If you are married or in a civil partnership and one person has income of under £11000 and the other under £43000 you can claim married tax allowance that will save you enough money to go on an annual short break. If you have not claimed it yet when you claim claim for last year too.

How do you reduce the risk of an unhappy retirement?

Retired and Older People Feeling More Connected Online In UK

Older people can be vulnerable to loneliness and social isolation. This can be a cause of depression in older people in the UK. It is easy to be left feeling alone and vulnerable. One way many older people now feel more connected and less lonely is via the internet.

Loneliness Breed More Loneliness As People Feel Less Able To Connect and Connecting Online Can Be A Bridge To A Happier Life In Retirement Online And Offline

Picking the right level of social connection with which you feel comfortable is key to happiness.

“Over 1 million older people say they always or often feel lonely in the UK”


Many of us have felt lonely at some point in our lives. Connecting digitally can and does give many people a window into another world that means you do not feel so isolated. The internet and digital technology can be invaluable for staying in touch with family and friends. It can also help you make new friends.

Lonely people suffer from more depressive symptoms as they have than been reported to be less happy. Getting connected can brighten your day make you feel happier and stop depression taking over your life. Internet use can make older people less lonely and support greater wellbeing.

Other ways to get yourself into the grove of a better retirement in UK:

  1. Save more for retirement than you currently do. Most people in the UK don’t save enough to make their retirement comfortable.
  2. Build a cash pot not just assets to finance at least a year without dipping into any other less liquid assets preferably 2 years. When working you are at working age you need at least 6 months in cash tucked away to finance everyday and luxury expenses but when you retire you need more of a cash nest egg.
  3. Payoff all debts before you get to retirement including any credit card or bank loans.
  4. Tax can eat into your savings so good tax planning prior to and during retirement whilst you access retirement funds is critical to prevent wasting money by giving it to the tax office unnecessarily. Make sure you make full use of tax efficient tools like pension entitlements and ISAs.
  5. Complete investment nominations for when you die so that your inheritance passes to the people you want to receive it quickly and your hard earned money is not wasted when you die.
  6. Keep an eye on the estimate for size of your pension pots
  7. Create a list of all the income you will have access to in retirement including contact telephone numbers websites and emails.
  8. Think about the pros and cons financial and lifestyle of delaying your retirement. The more flexible you are with your retirement date the more likely you are to maximise your retirement income.
  9. Set your retirement goals before you retire. Everybody will have a different idea what an ideal retirement looks like. Only you can know what is best for your retirement. Once you know what you want in retirement you can personalise your retirement planning to make sure you get what you want out of retirement in UK.

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Retirement TV

Retirement Planning Magazine TV Online
Can you get a no-fault divorce in England from 6th April 2022
How To Feel Fully Alive

Recommended further articles and videos on retirement planning and retirement lifestyle in the UK

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Retirement Gifts To Buy Online and Retirement Gift Ideas To Inspire You

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