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Sell Your Home Without An Estate Agent

How to sell your house online privately without estate agents. With a little help from us you can sell your home without estate agents. Private house sales no estate agent service.

Sell your home online by letting buyers see your home on their phone tablet laptop or TV . CLICK HERE or email entering code #SellMyHome.

You can sell your home privately without estate agents to save thousands of pounds

No estate agent commission to pay. Private house sales UK.

Enter code #HowToSellYourHouseOnlinePrivatelyWithoutEstateAgents

Instruct us to advertise your home for sale

Online home selling is easier quicker and cheaper than estate agent based home selling. Use our online home selling services to sell your home faster and cheaper in the UK. Use a number of CheeringupInfo online home selling tools to save yourself the cost of new kitchen or bathroom in your new home. Why through money at estate agents when you can sell your home yourself easily and cheaply?

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How Do I Sell My House Privately In UK On CheeringupInfo

We have a range of services for you to pick the the best one for your needs.

  1. Advertise your home for sale for free by following us on Twitter @AccommodationSt : Once you have followed us your tweets of your home photos or videos will be shown for free on our twitter account feed as we will follow you back.
  2. Simply quickly and cheaply advertise your home for sale on the best page to get your home sale noticed on pay us a small fee to advertise your home for sale with photos or video. You handle all enquiries yourself but you save thousands in estate agent fees.
  3. Market your home for sale with our Open House Service: we will help you open up your home to lots of viewings online. The more home viewings you have the more likely you are to sell your home quicker and for more money.   Create more demand for your home from people who are genuinely interested in buying your home.
  4. Create a video advert for your home for sale: you create your own home for sale ad or we create one for you with video and photos you send to us: use the home for sale video advert to create more interest in your home to seller it faster for more money.
  5. Live broadcast: use online tools to market your home for sale. We can help you or you can do it yourself with free apps. Simply start a live broadcast from your home and answer questions from people who want to buy your house. You may get unwelcome guests online but quickly block them and talk to people genuinely interested in buying your home direct from you saving thousands in estate agent fees.

Find out how to sell your home cheaply online by subscribing for free.   We’ll contact you to provide more information for free. making life easier and better Sell Your Home Privatel Cheaper Quicker

Make home selling and home viewing easier

Reach more potential buyers thus increasing demand for your home.   Market your home for sale to more people.   Allow potential buyers to view your home online.   Open up your home for online viewing for a few hours on one or more Open House Days.

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Enter code ONLINE HOME SELLING service

Throw open an online window to your home for sale to get more interest from home buyers searching for home.   Create demand for your home yourself.   You manage the open house event so you control who sees it and when.

Find out how to open your home to more potential buyers

Save time house hunting because you can view a home for sale online wherever you are from your PC TV or mobile device ie your phone or tablet.

View homes for sale live online or watch on demand to save yourself time and effort looking for your next home.

Sell Your Home Privately in the UK

Pick up tips tools and techniques to sell your home privately in the UK.

Sell My House Online Free

Use your own Twitter account to sell your home online for free on Twitter @AccommodationSt

How To Successfully Sell A Home Privately Faster Saving £000s Sell Your Home Online Privately In UK

Free Service For Home Buyers

Searching for a new home? Cannot find the right property. Let us help you find your dream home.

Free Home Finder Service UK
Free homefinder service for home buyers in UK

Home Finder Service is a free service we provide to home buyers in UK.

  • Give us all the details of the type of property you are looking for
  • We find the best properties for you.
  • You view and buy your dream home!

Set up New Property Alert by email or text email

UK Mortgage Services Simplify the mortgage application process. Our mortgage service partners help you find the right mortgage.  

Best Mortgages UK Price Comparison
Find Best Mortgage For Your Lifestyle

Conveyancing Services

Compare and choose conveyancing costs and services. Complete all the legal papers required when moving home.  

Home Valuation Tips

Ways to find the best price for marketing your home for sale.  

  1. Ask a few estate agents to come round to value your home. Get their view of both the Market Price and the Selling Price.
  2. Visit a couple of websites to get a free home valuation for your home and idea of the home prices near you. Take a view on the websites valuation of your home. Examples include and
  3. Put all this together and arrive at the home valuation you want to market your home at.

Be clear in your own mind what your lowest home for sale price is and stick to it regardless of the home marketing price is. Do not let home buyers below your lowest price.

Property Marketing Options  

Pick from a range of CheeringupInfo property marketing options.  

Energy Performance Certificates EPC  

Energy Performance Certificates EPCs are a requirement for marketing your home. Pick from local and national EPC providers who are qualified Energy Assessors.

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Make your life easier and better with CheeringupInfo

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