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Online home for pet lovers across the UK. Read articles on pet products and services. Review the best pet products as judged by readers and pets bloggers in UK.

Pamper your pet with more confidence you have got best deal discount or special offer. Where are the pet friendly lifestyle service providers in UK including pet friendly accommodation for overnight accommodation. Watch pets vloggers videos with LIVE pet video streaming and on demand to download.

Find out more about pet care. Showcase your pet or watch other pets with personalities you will like. Save money and time buying the best pet products and services.

cheeringupTV Pet Chat. Talk about pets online with other pet lovers. All things pets related. Enter your pet in Best Pet In Show Competitions for fun and pick up a little extra money.

  • Pets Grooming Corner Coming Soon!
  • Pets Hotel Accommodation and Pet Homes where your pet can stay with you OR when you need someone to look after your pet for a short while. Worried what happens to your pet when you are no longer able? Find a place to stay 4 the rest of its life.
  • Pet Insurance have you got it covered!
  • Pets Kitchen Meals look after your pet’s health and enjoyment better!
  • Pets Open Clinic have a question about your pet get the answer for FREE!
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How to set up your own pets store online with our help in 3 easy and cheap steps

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Note:   We’re not keen on pet shop ideas to sell pets unless you already have an established High Street Pet Shop type of pet business which you want to promote and sell more from.   Start up live pet businesses from your garage do not qualify for one of our online pet stores opportunities.

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Pick up the best pets bargains for pet food, pet toys, pet beds and bedding, and accessories for pets. We don’t sell pets but its the perfect online home for the ultimate pet lovers!

Help for Pet Lovers Pet Care Tips and Advice

Get the latest pets news opinions and reviews for free to help pet lovers love their pets more.


Worried about your pet? Check out our pet care services for expert pet care advice. Learn how to keep your pet friends healthy happy and safe all year round. Pick up some pets grooming tips.

Information and advice on pets and petcare from Pets. All the latest pet news, videos and more 4 pets in UK. Hear online what our guest pet vet has to say about pet care and pet health.

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