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Male Companion Escort Service UK

Help to make business or social functions better. Male escorts for women for hire in UK. Our hire male escort service will help you enjoy occasions in UK more if you are normally alone. Use our males escorts agency for make companion UK. Professional company for all events and activities that you have to do or want to do.

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Supplying Male Companion Escorts 4 Independent Women Across The UK

Male companion escort agency offering non sexual male escorts. We have all types of male escorts situated throughout the UK.  

Ask an escort to enjoy your favourite activity hobby or pastime with you to share the experience including sailing golf dancing driving holidays touring gokarting squash tennis table tennis badminton cooking arts and crafts ice skating rollerblading inline skating skiing snowboarding water skiing wakeboarding jet skiing windsurfing swimming theatre cinema dog walking trekking walking cycling surfing rowing and sailing eating out etc.

We supply non sexual companion male escorts for social and corporate events

You have been invited to a dinner or event. None of your my friends are available but you have an important event to attend? Hire a male escort for a non sexual companion for the night weekend or week. Overcome the boredom of going on your own.

You have an upcoming business conference that would be more enjoyable with a companion. Our companions are well versed in managing executive business events to help you get more value out of your time invested in conferences and business events.

Our male companion escorts are happy to say what you want them to say to others who may enquire as to who you are with on the day or night.

Every male companion escort has been interviewed and they are all police checked to increase your safety and a quality discreet service.

Offering Companion Non Sexual Escort Services In UK

We provide male experienced chaperones across the UK and overseas.

How It Works 4 You

Q. How much does a Cheeringup Escort cost?

A. Fees are up to £145 per hour depending on demand for particular escorts. You pay your companion prior to the event. There is no VAT to pay.

Q. What is the minimum fee?

A. It is 4 hours.

Q. How do I pay?

A. You pay by Paypal which is a safe and secure third party online payment system. You do not need to be a member of Paypal as you can pay with your credit or debit card. We will never see the full details of your banking or credit card details as Paypal retain these and simply pass on the funds to our account. All fees must be cleared before the event.

Q. Who pays for expenses?

A. You are responsible for all expenses.

Q. Where would I meet the escort?

A. In a public space like bar or transport hub.

Q. Can I contact escort direct beforehand?

A. We can arrange for you to speak to him by phone in advance of event.

Q. Who can I choose to be my companion?

A. Members can choose from available escorts for the date in question.   Members can receive up to 50 percent discounts on fees. Non members can arrange an escort but we will send details of companion available at standard price depending on how busy we are on the date chosen.

How To Make An Enquiry Including How To Become A Member

We have a range of male escorts seeking extra income and fun. We can connect you if we know what you are looking for, where and when.

Register your interest in our service for more details. Include details of what you are looking for, where and when.

Male Non Sexual Escort Companion Service UK
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Male Companion Escort Service UK
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Male Companion Escorts CheeringupInfo Male Escorts in UK