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In a survey by the City and Guilds UK it was found that  9 out of 10 employers in UK are struggling to find skilled workers. If you have the skills and experience you are in a buyers market. Employers are desperate to find you so you need to make yourself easier to discover.

Job seekers may never have had it so good. However if you do not work at finding a better job in UK you will not find it. The onus is on you to market your skills and experience. If you do you will find a better job with a better salary and you will be doing the UK economy a favour.

UK is currently undergoing a skills gap crisis which means you are due a pay rise!


How To Get A Better Paying Job In UK

It is your duty to the country and the UK economy to go out and find a better paying job in UK. If you find one you will move on and eventually someone at the bottom of the job market chain will get their first job.

More importantly for you and the UK economy you will  have more money to spend or invest in the UK to help drive forward UK GDP growth.

How do you get a better paying job?

  • Tidy up your life and your CV to be clear on what you can offer an employer.
  • Get free job alerts for the type of job you want and can realistically get.
  • Act. Only a few people get goo job offers coming to them. You may be in the majority who need to proactively hunt for the best jobs for your skills.

Don’t be put off by rejection. Not every employer will see how good you are. Try to learn from the rejection experience and make corrections in your job hunt to get the next job application you make.

Better Job Search

Looking for a better job opportunity does require a little luck. If the best job isn’t on the job market when you are job hunting then it will be more difficult but not impossible to track down.

However if you are not expanding your job search activity then it will take longer to find the next job in your career ladder.

Better jobs are not always jobs with a higher salary. Be clear on what you want to make your life better. That might be reducing your commute or going part time. What is your picture of the best job for you? When you know what you want it will be easier to search for it.

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Get A Better Job In UK

You might be thinking today that I need a better job asap. A better job search starts with knowing what you have to offer new or even existing employers. Then you can market yourself more effectively.


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