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11th January 2019 UK Mortgage Regulator Plans To Make It Easier To Remortgage

The UKs financial regulator the Financial Conduct Authority FCA will ease affordability checks to enable remortgaging to cheaper mortgage in UK. Mortgage prisoners are homeowners who took out a mortgage before the change in mortgage application rules and can not currently pass new mortgage affordability rules even though it would lower their monthly mortgage outgoings. The change of policy will allow mortgage prisoners to apply for cheaper  mortgage deals.

The new rule is to compare new mortgage costs with a new mortgage with current costs of existing mortgage. If monthly costs are cheaper under the remortgage then you will be allowed to remortgage even if you do not pass usual affordability tests assuming you are not actually borrowing more for any reason.

10th October 2018 Mortgage Market Set To Up The Cost Of Mortgage UK

British lenders expect to scale back mortgage lending over the next three months by greatest extent since late 2008 according to Bank of England BoE survey. This should should also push up the cost of mortgages that will be available in UK over next three months.

BoEs quarterly Credit Conditions Survey shows UK lenders predict consumers demand for unsecured lending to fall by the most since late 2011


Lenders also expect to restrict the availability of loans to businesses over the next three months by the greatest extent since early 2012 the BoE said.

30th August 2018 UK Home Sales At Lowest Since 2013

Fewer UK mortgages have been agreed for UK home buyers in July 2018 since July 2013 according to the Bank of England BoE. Around 50 percent more mortgages were awarded to UK buyers by July pre financial crisis.

31st July 2018 More People Seeking Mortgage In UK

UK mortgage approvals hit five month high in June according to the Bank of England BoE. The BoE figures suggest a small boost to the number of house purchases in the UK housing market.

Remortgages in June fell back slightly.

The BoE has reviewed interest rates and will announce this week whether interest rates in the UK will rise or continue on hold.

Waiting for a house price collapse so you can get on the housing market with cheap mortgage rate could result in you waiting a long time. Despite many housing experts predicting a housing price crash in the UK due mainly to Brexit vote in June 2016 house prices in the UK have continued to rise. Will UK house prices ever fall? perhaps but only when UK unemployment rises.

12th April 2018 UK Lenders Expect To Lend More In Coming Months

British lenders expect to see demand for mortgage lending to rebound over the next few months after a sharp drop in the first quarter of 2018 according to a Bank of England survey.

1st March 2018 UK Mortgage Approvals Biggest Rise In Since April 2015

The Bank of England reported a massive jump in mortgage approval figures for house purchases in January 2018. It was the biggest jump since April 2015 and was the highest number of mortgage approvals for house purchase since July 2017.

Nationwide the biggest building society in UK says UK house prices are still rising but at a slower rate of 2.2 percent year on year.

26th February 2018 UK Mortgage Approvals Rise

The number of mortgages approved increased in January.

8th February 2018 UK Home Owner Repossessions At 36 Year Low

The number of UK home owners properties being repossessed fell to 36-year low in 2017. Overall mortgage arrears have also reduced.

UK interest rates are set to rise again so getting a new mortgage should rise to the top of your To Do List.

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