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19th June 2020 You May Be Able To Holiday In Wales In July

Caravans and self contained holiday units can reopen on 13th July if the coronavirus pandemic does not deteriorate. That is assuming you will be allowed to travel there! Restrictions on travelling more than five miles in Wales will end on 6 July if coronavirus transmission rates are at a manageable level.

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  • Nonessential retailers can reopen on Monday if they can provide socially distanced shopping.

27th March 2020 Six more people have died in Wales from the coronavirus COVID19

A total of 31 people have died in Wales from COVID19.

25th March 2020 An Additional 5 People Have Died In Wales Due To The Coronavirus Taking The Total To 22

18th March 2020 Schools In Wales To Close By End Of The Week Due To Coronavirus And Lack Of Teachers To Look After Pupils

The biggest drivers of the schools closure is the fact that teachers self isolating because of coronavirus mean schools do not have enough teachers to look after pupils safely. In addition the science maybe suggesting that it is time to close schools to restrict spread of coronavirus.

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Wales Online CheeringupInfo Wales News Opinions Reviews

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