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4th March 2019 Make Sure You Are Clear On Best Way To Finance Your Next Car Purchase

Car buyers often overpay when financing buying a car in UK according to Financial Conduct Authority FCA.

The FCA says car dealers can set their own interest rates and this is costing consumers 300 million pounds a year. There is often alot of fudge surrounding car financing. The FCA implied commission models encourage car dealers to inflate interest on car loans to get higher commission. Customers are paying significantly more for their motor finance than they need to.

9th January 2017 UK Dieselgate Update

10000 Volkswagen owners claim 3000 pounds compensation each for emissions scandal. The owners have clubbed together in a class action against the car manufacturer to get compensation for defeat devices used to cheat emissions tests in diesel cars. Volkswagen wants to fix the cars in the UK whilst offering compensation in other country’s like America.

Look’s like Volkswagen wants the UK at the back of the queue just like Obama! The class action may persuade that UK car owners deserve to be treated equally like other European and world citizens.

UK car owners thought they were buying cars that were better for the environment than they really were. The case goes to court on the 30th January 2017 so if you are in the UK and want compensation you might want to join this class action against Volkswage, or you could fight them on your own! Contact Damon Parker at solicitors Harcus Sinclair if you own a diesel car in the brands like VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda and want help to get compensation.

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