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Tips on saving money on your lifestyle

Money saving tips and advice for UK life and living well.

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How to save money to improve your lifestyle

Find all kinds of ways to save money in the UK. Best money savings tips from readers viewers and money saving experts.

  • Set a maximum budget for your holiday. Thoroughly research your preferred holiday destinations and pick the destination you like that furthest under your budget.
  • Invest a little each month over a long time. When investments fall in value you will buy a lot of new assets and when they rise which they should do over a long period of time you gain even more. Few people if any can accurately predict when investments are good value. By investing a little over a long time you benefit by smoothing out peaks and troughs of investment cycle. If your investment also pays dividends reinvest them in your original investment to benefit from compound interest 2pc on 2pc on 2pc. You get the picture!
  • If you see something you want to buy after searching through search engine, don’t buy it immediately. Websites often have cookies that could work in your favour. Next time you go online you might find a special offer appear in adverts cause they know you are interested in that product or services.
  • Do not buy deals automatically. The buy one get one free BOGOF deals are often less value for money than comparing unit price per kg or each unit between similar products.
  • Start investing early in your life as compound interest will make your money work harder for you. A little each month is better than one off big investment. Less risky and more likely to pay off.
  • Never buy a big ticket item without haggling. There is always a deal to be made. Know what you think is a best price before you go into negotiation and stick to it. If you get opportunity to buy for less than your own fair price then you win but never buy at higher than your original estimate of a fair price. In the heat of battle you can get misled so knowing your own fair price before you go into battle is crucial to getting the best deal for you.
  • Various studies have found that booking holidays to USA and Asia should be booked 6 months in advance to try to get best flight deals. If flying within Europe booking more than two months in advance of flight date increases the likelihood of getting best flight price.
  • Travel companies know they can charge business travellers through the nose so holidays that include weekend are often cheaper than mid week breaks.
  • Bundling up holiday is often cheaper than putting together your holiday in bits. This may not mean official package holidays are cheaper though they can be but a flight plus hotel deal might be cheaper than booking flight and hotel separately.
  • UK banks may actually pay you to bank with them. HSBC offer you £200 to switch banks First Direct Bank will pay you £125. Cooperative Bank pays £110 to switch.
  • Maximise your pension contributions up to but not beyond what your employer matches your pension contributions. For example if your employer pays 1 percent of your salary into your pension for every 1 percent you put in then do this until your employer stops matching your contributions.

You may be able to continue contributing to your pension but neither your employer the pension provider or the UK government can be trusted to protect your pension over potentially decades. You only need to look at how shabbily pensioners in the UK have been treated over decades from Robert Maxwell to BHS to realise that pension contributions are very tax efficient but if you are shafted before you retire or after you retire the value of the tax efficiency of pensions becomes irrelevant.

However you want to get out of your employer ever good benefit they provide whilst the going is good when they contribute when you do but no further.

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