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18th February 2020 UK Employment Levels Jumped To Record All Time High in December

According to the Office for National Statistics ONS the number of people in work increased 32.93 million in the quarter to December. The number of people in work in the UK reached an all time time.

Although there is a record high number of people working in the UK there are 810000 job vacancies in the UK and rising. UK earnings continue to rise faster than the cost of living in UK. Excluding bonuses earnings grew at annual rate of 3.2 percent. UK inflation is 1.3 percent. However it is likely that the lack of supply in jobs market will push up wage increases faster as demand for recruits rise. It will become harder for firms to recruit the employees they need.

21st January 2020 UK Jobs Market Is Booming

The number of people in employment in UK rose by biggest number since January 2019. There are now more people working in the UK than there ever has been. The Office for National Statistics ONS says the UK employment rate is 76.3 percent. The unemployment rate remains at 45 year low of 3.8 percent.

The ONS says average earnings including bonuses rose by 3.2 percent. Excluding bonuses the rate is 3.4 percent.


Despite record levels of employment the number of job vacancies rose in the three months to December to 805000.

17th December 2019 UK Employment Hits All Time High

UK unemployment dropped to its lowest level of since January 1975. UK unemployment rate was 3.8 percent in three months to October according to the Office for National Statistics ONS. There are still 794000 job vacancies in the UK.

UK wages including bonuses are growing at 3.2 percent on average. Wages excluding bonuses are growing at 3.5 percent.

With such low UK unemployment levels 2020 is the ideal time to ask for a pay rise after you have checked the UK job market to see if their is a better job for you.

23rd July 2019 Employment Tribunal Cases Tips

Tips on how to pursue an employment tribunal claim

  • Document in chronological order your grievances including what happened including examples of poor behaviour against you and why this supports your tribunal case
  • Contact Acas the Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service. They will want to know full details of your grievance and contact your former employer to try to settle grievance before going to employment tribunal.
  • If negotiations with acas fails go online to start employment tribunal case.
  • Prepare your schedule of loss arising from poor behaviour towards you including how much you think you are owed and why.
  • Prepare to disclose all your documentary proof to your employer via the court. Get all the documents you need from your employer via the court.
  • Write out in chronological order your witness statement stating what happened to you when and link to any documentary proof you have at your disposal.

The court will rule on your employment tribunal case.

16th July 2019 UK Standard Of Living Continues To Improve

UK wage growth in the UK rose 3.6 percent in the year to May 2019 according to the Office for National Statistics ONS.

If the gap between average wage increases and inflation increases then the standard of living in UK for workers in UK increases. The gap is widening so the standard of living in UK is improving for those in work.

UK wages are rising at the fastest pace in over a decade


A record high of 32.75 million people were working in UK in the same period. 1.29 million unemployed is the lowest since at least 1992.

This means the demand for your skills is increasing which means you should be getting a pay rise of at least 3.6 percent but go for more cause wage increases are set to increase further.

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Post your job vacancy To fill skills gaps more profitably
Post your job vacancy To fill skills gaps more profitably

13th November 2018 Wages In UK Increasing At Fastest Rate Since 2008

The UK unemployment rate has increased slightly but wages are increasing at faster rate. The unemployment rate increased to 4.1 percent.

Average weekly earnings excluding bonuses rose by 3.2 percent on the year in the third quarter of 2018 which is biggest rise since the fourth quarter of 2008


The Bank of England BoE is forecasting wage growth at 3.25 percent by late 2019.

8th November 2018 UK Wage Rises For New Workers So Get A New Job Today!

UK starting salaries are rising at one of the fastest rates in three years due to growing skills gap and increasing job vacancies.

UK new staff salary growth is at a 3 year high.

Recruitment and Employment Confederation REC

UK firms are having to pay more to attract new employees. Finding a new job could bag you a healthy new pay rise.

For workers not willing to move you should on average be getting the fastes pay rise since 2009 as average pay excluding bonuses are increasing at 3.1 percent.

The REC data showed demand for both permanent and temporary staff increased in October. Available staff reduced by the most in nine months.


Shortages of IT workers engineers nurses and care staff were particularly widespread

25th February 2018 Nearly A Million Job Vacancies In UK

A total of 823,000 job vacancies were advertised in January according to the Officer for National Statistics ONS. Low-paid workers should be looking to capitalise on this by changing job for higher salary benefits and career prospects.

If you have unattractive wages or working conditions, why are you putting up with it when there are so many alternative job vacancies waiting for you to apply?

If you aren’t getting a wage rise of more than 3 percent in 2018 you are accepting a pay cut.   Many people, including the Prime Minister of Japan reckon employers should increase wages faster to increase corporate income as well as personal income so its your national duty to look for a new job today.

17th January 2018 Wages Expected To Increase Faster In UK

Bank of England policymaker Michael Saunders expects UK wage growth to accelerate in 2018 as Brexit results in fewer foreign workers coming to Britain.

In a speech in London, Mr Saunders said much of the new jobs created in the UK have until recently been filled by foreign workers. However the Brexit vote in June 2016 has resulted in the numbers of EU workers coming to UK falling as the UK has become less attractive to these workers especially as the value of the pound has also fallen each pound taken back to EU country is now worth less to EU workers working in UK.

UK firms will have to pay UK workers more to do the same jobs and attract workers to vacant posts. Mr Saunders, who is a member of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee which sets UK interest rates, thinks wages will increase by 3 percent in 2018, much faster than 2017. As a result the Bank of England will be forced to increase interest rates in UK again. The Bank of England uses wage rises to decide interest rate levels. Increasing wage rises will lead to increased UK interest rates.

Many UK jobs vacancies will remain unfilled as a result of drop in foreign worker inflows and as a result the UK will need to increase its productivity to keep up with demand.

9th January 2018 UK Hires Permanent Staff At Fastest Rate Since August 2017

British companies recruited full time employees at fastest pace for 4 months in December in a recruitment environment evidencing growing skills gap and rising starting wages.

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation REC says UK employers are having to increase wages to attract new staff. The Bank of England BoE has forecast faster wage growth for 2018 due to low unemployment and growing skills gap.

If you are looking for an increase in your wage, 2018 should be the best year to get one.

2nd January 2018 Most People In UK Didn’t Get A Pay Rise In 2017

Two thirds of UK workers didn’t get a pay rise or career progression in 2017 according to a survey of over 5,000 employees in UK.

If your present employer is not developing your career or your rewards for your skills and experience, you need to look around for an employer which does value you.

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  • Recruiters who have just started looking for candidates rarely hire the first list of job applicants. It is a bit like X Factor. If you are up first then you will be forgotten come the decision on who progresses to the next stage!
  • If the recruiter has been trying to fill the job vacancy for 6 months or more then the recruiter may lack the experience to get you the job or nobody has the skills to meet the job description and you could again be wasting your time.
  • Ask the recruiter if they have put any candidates forward for the job vacancy. If so why did they fill to get the job? If the recruiter gives you this info it may help you identify if you would fair any better? Have you got the missing skill or ability to be more successful in applying for the job vacancy.
  • Fully appraise yourself of the recruitment screening process for each job vacancy.  This includes identifying who you will potentially work with and how many rounds there are in the recruitment process interviews and assessments.
  • If the recruiter finishes their introduction to the job vacancy they are working on and does not agree to a specific date and time for feedback after they plan to speak to their client assume the recruiter does not think you are good enough for the job vacancy.
  • Check out the experience and track record of the recruiter you are talking to. If they have no experience then it suggests they are not that into you. That is not to say you will not progress to next stage. It just means you are about as far away from getting a job with that recruiter as it is possible to be!

It is your national duty to find a job that increases your wages by at least 3.0%.   By the end of 2017, inflation will be running at 3.0%, so just to stand still, cost of living-wise, you need a pay increase of 3.0%.   By finding an employer who more fairly values your skills and experience, you will help drive UK economic growth.   Stagnating UK wages is holding the UK economy back.

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