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How Safe Is Travelling During Coronavirus Pandemic
Travelling safely during the coronavirus pandemic to the best places during the pandemic will save jobs

How Safe Is Travelling During Coronavirus Pandemic?

What precautions should you take while travelling during coronavirus disease pandemic? What are the considerations for travellers? Discover good practices to follow to travel safely during coronavirus pandemic. Pick up travel safety tips and tricks with CheeringupInfo. Subscribe to CheeringupInfo Holiday Travel Magazine for free.

Coronavirus Pandemic Beach Holiday Advice and Deals
Coronavirus Pandemic Beach Holiday Advice and Deals

21st June 2020 Booking A Holiday Summer 2020 Is To Become Real Option

Whether it is a staycation or a holiday abroad the rapidly changing coronavirus pandemic outlook will allow many to take a holiday this summer.

Spain has announced that from today it will allow UK tourists to visit Spain without having to quarantine on arrival. Coming back from Spain would require you to self isolate at home for 14 days due to UK quarantine rules. However the UK quarantine rules will be reviewed on 29th June and are likely to be eased. Travel corridors are expected to be opened in agreement with some countries that are visited often by British tourists like Spain Portugal Greece France and Italy.

As it stands the UKs advice to citizens is not to travel anywhere abroad unless it is essential travel. A holiday is not regarded as essential travel. Even within some parts of the UK it is recommended to not travel far. Presently the rules as not to stay in holiday accommodation overnight. However this to is likely to be eased from early July. A staycation within the UK is on the cards this summer if you can afford a holiday.

10th June 2020 UK Government Looking Into International Travel Corridors Between UK and Countries With Low Coronavirus Infection Rates and Strong Healthcare Systems

An agreement on international corridors would avoid the need for quarantine for travellers between the two countries and facilitate more international holidays.

Portugal Italy and Greece are just 3 countries often visited by British holidaymakers.

United Nations World Tourism Organisation UNWTO has issued guidelines on how to restart worldwide tourism. Safety measures include health checks increased cleaning hand sanitisation and temperature scans at airports as well as increased cleaning and hand sanitisation.

13th March 2020 Coronavirus Will Cost You For Years In Terms Of Travel Costs

Some travel insurance insurers have pulled out of the travel insurance marketplace altogether. Other travel insurers have amended their policies to exclude losses arising from coronavirus.

Insurance cover for losses arising from coronavirus will never return for new policies. Many people may think the coronavirus outbreak will be around for a short term like just 2020. However coronavirus outbreaks will continue for years. They will spring up unexpectedly in future as the coronavirus circulates around the world via people transmission from country to country. When it springs up there will be no cover should your flights and holidays be cancelled. This means that in future when you book a holiday you will carry the risk of holiday cancellation costs due to coronavirus yourself.

Some things will never return to normal after this coroavirus outbreak is brought under relative control. Insurance travel insurance is one of them.

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