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What is the cost of living increase UK and what does it mean for UK residents

What is the cost of living increase UK and what does it mean for UK residents

30th March 2022 – UK had biggest house price jump since 2004 with UK house prices rising 14.3 percent year on year according to Nationwide Building Society figures

General inflation could easily rise into double digits in next few months as food shortages start to bite in next 6 to 12 months. The Bank of England had already indicated concern about inflation so the implications are that UK interest rates and therefore the cost of a mortgage is set to rise over the next few months. This would increase the value of a fixed mortgage rate now.

Many expected the end of stamp duty relieve introduced at height pandemic to limit UK house price rises but this has not been the case. At the end of the day house prices, in a more or less full employment society we have at present, will be driven buy rule of supply and demand. Demand is high and supply is not covering demand so UK house prices will continue for up to a year. After that a recession is highly likely, culling jobs which will drag on UK house prices.

Will there be a housing crash in 2022 UK

Will the housing market crash in 2022 UK
UK Housing Market Report March 2022
Will the housing market crash in 2022?

2023 will bring a global house price correction. Maybe a housing market crash in some countries. Strong demand for home is different from being able to afford home. Stripping out some demand means prices have to correct from pandemic housing market highs.

Growth in UK house prices increased in September by 1.7 percent from August, according to mortgage lender Halifax. This was biggest monthly increase since February 2007. Halifax bank says UK house prices were rising at 7.4 percent in annual terms in September compared to 7.2% in August.

UK Housing Market News Opinions Reviews
House Price Crash Or Price Rises

A shortage of homes for sale in UK will continue to support continuing house price rises despite the end of Stamp Duty tax cut at end of September 2021.

House Prices UK July 2020
House Prices UK July 2020

Stamp Duty Holiday Gives Home Buyers Chance To Save Thousands Of Pounds

9 out of 10 people buying a home in England before end of March 2021 will pay no stamp duty according to UK government.

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Moving Into First House Checklist

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House Prices UK July 2020
House Prices UK July 2020
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