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24th January 2018 Try A Career In Manufacturing UK

The manufacturing sector in the UK is booming.   There is a skills shortage.   You could fill the skills gap with your new qualification.

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8th December 2017 National Audit Office NAO Says Universities Could Be Accused Of Mis Selling Courses

One student charged 9000 pounds in one year for lectures on just one day a week by one university in Leeds. Is that a rip off?

  • How are universities really held accountable for value for money for student courses?
  • How do students ensure they are getting real value-for-money for their education?
  • How does the UK government ensure it is getting value 4 money for money it invests in education of next generation?

Anecdotally students are being ripped-off by universities in the UK. Tell us your story.

  • Do you think you are getting value for money for your course?
  • What would you do differently when picking your course in the UK?
  • What could be changed to improve the quality and value-4-money of student courses in the UK?

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