Care about people approval and you will be their prisoner

The danger of being a people pleaser from CheeringupInfo

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Do you best then step back knowing the result is the best you could achieve without seeking approval from people in your life. Focus on what you managed to achieve not what others may think of your efforts.

Stop trying to please people. People pleasers are forever captured by the people they are trying to please.


The people they are trying to please are rarely bothered whether you are happy or not. Therefore you will rarely be happier even if you are successful at pleasing people.

Fed up of pleasing others?

If not you will eventually. That maybe at the end of your life. Looking back the most likely way you will feel disappointed with your life will be because you tried too hard to life the live others wanted you to live instead of the life you wished you had had!

That is not to say you need to thumb your nose at others. There is no suggestion here that you need to run over people to get what you want. Indeed arrogant lack of recognition of the importance of others is a possible cause of failure in life.

The suggestion here is that if you do not identify what you want out of your life and then act to achieve it then you will be buffeted about by what others want from your life.


People pleasers make decisions in life that suit the expectations of others. Everybody likes to be liked but trying to be liked by everyone is exhausting and ultimately unfruitful for the people pleaser and the person the people pleaser is trying to please.

How to overcome people pleasing

Stop sabotaging your own life goals for others. This self destructive behaviour is not satisfying you? If it is crack on! However if you want to learn how to stop being a people pleaser others can help you or you can pick up tips on CheeringupInfo.

  • You do not need to feel more uncomfortable in social situations.
  • You do not need to be the atmosphere absorber.
  • Neither do you need to pacify others needs to the detriment of your own.

Be confident and secure in your own skin without constantly seeking the approval of others. You are not being selfless you are being used and sometimes abused.

Instead of trying to make everyone around you happy make yourself happy


You are worth it! You do not need others to tell you that to feel happier. When you fully embrace your worthiness yourself you will also get the love and respect from others. That will be a double helping of happiness!

You may well become less accommodating when you stop being a people pleaser. That should not be the aim of stopping being a people pleaser. The aim should be to figure out what you want and then go and get it! If in the process you are perceived as less accommodating then so be it.

Saying no to others is part of rewarding personal care. Improving your self care will make you happier.

Do you often make decisions based on what you think will please others?

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Care about people approval and you will be their prisoner

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CheeringupInfo Care about people approval and you will be their prisoner