Is It Time To Quit Your Job To Grow The Economy

Should you quit your job

Willingness to quit your job could be good for you and your country

Moving on to a better job creates opportunities for people to fill your old job. Often the person who comes into your job gets paid more to join firm. You should get more in your new job. All job candidates get higher wage. Higher wages increase profits of businesses. The economy grows faster and healthier.

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Its time to quit your job to help your economy grow faster

Wages across the world have for the large part stagnated

This causes economies across the world to stagnate. Continually falling prices of goods services and wages is bad for employees and bad for business.

People around the world have feared changing jobs since the financial crisis. Employers have taken advantage of this by cutting wages or not giving a fair wage rise.

Now is a job candidates marketplace in many parts of the world certainly the UK and USA

USA job quit rate hits highest level since 2001 which is a sign of growing confidence in the American labour market which many economists think will soon boost faster wage growth in America

You are in the driving seat not employers. There is a skills shortage in many industries. A skills shortage means your wage should be rising. If your wage is not rising faster than inflation your standard of living is falling. If you want an improving standard of living it could be time to change jobs and help your economy grow faster.

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