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Housesitters UK

Home and Pet Sitter To Take Care Of Your Home and Pets

Professional home and pet sitter service in UK and Abroad.

Homesitter UK
Professional house sitting throughout the UK and abroad enter code #HomeSitter or #PetSitter

Home and Pet Sitting Services

Homesitter service will help protect your home and look after your pet for safety and reassurance whenever you are away on holiday or working away. We will look after your home and pet like it is ours whilst we live in your home when you cannot. If home sitters wanted in the UK we can look after the things you love the most for reasonable charges.

Paid House Sitter Jobs Hub

We work with our partners to provide a home sitting service in the UK. Your agreement is between you and the home sitter but we will review their home sitting service provision.

We encourage our customer to review our Home Sitter Service so that other people can assess which home sitter to pick for their job.


Register for free for our home sitting service. We will handle your enquiry and find the best home sitter nearest to you available on the days you need a home sitter.

  • Looking after pets
  • Watering plants and cutting the grass.
  • Putting the bins out.
  • Being there for parcel delivery
  • Letting tradespersons in
  • Preparing home for return home owners
  • Helping to protect your home while your away from home
  • Errand running
  • Concierge service whilst home owners away.
  • Check out your home while your away using FaceTime and the like as our home sitters are happy to take your video call.

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