Are you paid enough money or could you earn more in UK

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Job hunters in the UK are in the driving seat. There is a skills shortage in the UK. Your present employer may need to pay more to keep you or another employer can pay you more to move jobs.

There is only one real way to find out if your particular skills and experience are valued more by another employer in the UK. You have to test the UK job market. Look for jobs in the UK. Check if they are offering to pay you more than you are currently being paid. If another UK employer is paying more for new recruits why should you existing UK employer get away with underpaying you!

You do not automatically need to move jobs to get the pay increase you deserve. Once you have a new job offer go to your existing UK employer and indicate that you have been offered a new job and see what they say. They may well say good bye. On the other hand they may say do not leave us and give you a pay rise to stay.

Do you want to improve your lifestyle in the UK?

There are only two ways to put more money in your life. The first is to reduce the cost of living. Find ways to pay less for goods and and services you buy. The other way to improve your money situation is to increase the amount you bring into your life. Either set up your own business or get paid more by an employer who is prepared to pay you more.

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Are you paid enough money or could you earn more in UK

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CheeringupInfo Are you paid enough money or could you earn more in UK