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It struck me that a D Day Veteran talking about his role in the Second World War said he did what he did because he did what he was supposed to do. What are we supposed to do in peacetime? Why is there, or is there, more mental health issues now when we arguably have more now than we ever have?

Having the opportunity to lead life the way you can is only possible due to the sacrifice of the men and women who went to war in the Second World War. What they fought for should not be wasted.

However what are we supposed to do now?

Many if not all millennials do not even think about this question. However they should. Indeed their elders should. What was fought for should not be wasted.

We do not need to be precious about what was fought for. Appreciative yes but that does not mean we ca not be frivolous. Indeed being frivolous is what we should be doing as long as we achieve what needs to be achieved in the process.

Life does not need to be all hardship to achieve more. It can be fun. It should be fun too!

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