How To Embrace Ageing Positively In The UK

How to be positive about ageing in UK with CheeringupInfo

How To Embrace Ageing Positively

Stop worrying about ageing. Change your mindset. Live happier in retirement in UK. Getting older is something we should embrace joyously. Strike a positive view on ageing.

The UK news often portrays the older generation as a burden on society. Filling hospital beds we are bed blockers not positive contributers to society. We are probably both in reality! However nothing is guaranteed in life except death and taxes so we must seek out the best life we can later in life.

Defying ageing is a losing game. It is expensive and ultimately unfruitful. However embracing ageing can be inexpensive and achievable for most people with more effort.

Advances in health care in UK have helped people in UK live longer. It does not mean we are living better. CheeringupInfo is working with partners to support people in UK to age well.

Ageing Well With CheeringupInfo

Change your whole approach to ageing well in the UK. The proportion of people who are older is increasing all the time in the UK. That will bring problems but this does not mean we should not welcome older age.

Fight against anti ageing philosophy and instead embrace all the things it brings including longer to enjoy life and living in UK!


Positively embrace older age with CheeringupInfo. The later stage of life can be as mobile exciting and as enjoyable as any other age. In fact older age fro many offers greater opportunities to enjoy life more not less.

It is only a few generations ago that people in the UK retired in 60s lived for a couple of years then died! Now most people can live for another 20 to 30 years.

Would you write off your early life

Hopefully not so do not write yourself off in older age. Live a healthier happier life with CheeringupInfo. Use the extra time positively the UK has worked hard to give most people living in the UK. You should expect to live into your mid 80s at least. More of us will live to over a century than ever have.

Enjoy every moment of your life including your retirement years. Figure out what you can do and then plan clearly how you are going to do it. Lead as full a life as you can.

Know who you are and what you want from life in UK

If you have not taken time to figure out what you want from life now is the time to start! Clearly financial resources and health conditions can place limitations on what you can realistically do. However if you do not try to life a better life in retirement then it is unlikely anyone else can do it for you.

If your internal voice is doubting your ability to change your life then start moving more engaging more and eating better.

  • Exercise within your own limits will make you feel better.
  • Interacting with people you meet more will give you a sense of belonging.
  • Eating and drinking better will boost your wellness and energy levels

The next step may be to look at what you can do differently in your life that will make you enjoy life and feel happier.

Do not accept the many negative messages about ageing that are prevalent in society and the media. Just look at the runners and riders in 2020 to be next president of America. Most are in mid 70s or older. If they can run USA you can find one thing to bring a sense of joy accomplishment or satisfaction each year?

Embrace the challenges of life and set out to try and overcome them. Build your strength resilience and independence as you age instead of letting them slip. Age well with a positive outlook on life in UK.

What ageing well means for each of us will vary on personal circumstances. However everyone can make small changes to improve retirement or older lifestyle. Embrace ageing with a positive mindset.

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How To Embrace Ageing Positively In The UK

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