Think deeply each week about your strategy to improve your life

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Take time each week to think about your life strategy. It is important to find time outside daily tasks to drive a better life in future. Looking at the bigger picture is crucial to ensure no life regrets on the things you did not do rather than the things you are doing each day. Give yourself time to plan for the future each week.

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  • What do you already have in your life you should be more grateful for and keep?
  • What bad habits do you need to change?
  • What good habits do you need to work at to focus your energy and resources on achieving life goals?
  • What mistakes have brought you to where you are now and how can you avoid repeating same mistakes that will sabotage your success?
  • How can you reward your mini successes before you reach your life goals to keep you on track to success?

Get help to overcome your inner negative self talk voice. Looking at threats to your life goals is not negative talk. You have to be realistic with your life goals. Setting unrealistic goals will simply set you up for failure so you do need to have a balanced rationale approach to setting life goals but you should be open to believing you can do more with what you already have as raw life tools and assets. You do not want a nagging self doubter constantly on your should but you also must think about goals that will never realistically be possible for you. We can not all be Prime Minister of the UK but many of us could be better leaders in our own backyard in our lifetime.

Positive thinking is essential. Your mind can change your world if not the the world. Healthier happier living in the UK is attainable for most if not all people. Be clear what can make you happier and what you must change to achieve better life.

Developing a positive attitude can truly change your entire life. Bear in mind that all adventurers have a clear plan at the beginning. While positive thinking is crucial it does not mean you must never change you life plan en route. Things outside your control can change how you travel to your eventual destination. Even your end destination could change as you travel as you realise en route that you are already happy with what you have achieved or a slight detour is necessary to be truly happy and fulfilled.

Sometimes to make your journey easier and quicker you may need to declutter your existing life to achieve what you want. Some people deliberately hold you back others do it as a byproduct of how they are without malice. Either way you need to review your relationships as part of your new life strategy.

How to improve your life quality

Learn how to improve yourself in life. Have you been asking yourself when will my life improve? The answer is when you take control of the steps necessary to improve your life.

It is not like ordering a pizza! Improving the quality of your life will take time and effort. Even winning the lottery does not mean your life will improve. If you do not know what will make you happy then more money will not improve your life. Of course money can help if you know what to invest extra money in.

What you think will affect what you say and do. You do not need more money to change how you think. Changing how you think will change everything in your life so you need to be clear what changes you want otherwise you will change your life but potentially for worse.

To change your life for the better you first need to take time for life goals and life strategy setting to achieve your life goals. Deep thinking is important at beginning to ensure you do not throw out the baby with the bath water or introduce new features that do not actually enhance your life.

To make the best life decisions you need to gather the best information you can. This will help you understand what is truly open to you and what changes you need to make. You may find that radical life changes are not really necessary to be happier.

Tweaks to your existing life can often bring the improvements you need. Indeed small incremental improvements every day is often better than jumping out a plane in life change terms. Jumping out a plane without a parachute is definitely not recommended unless you want a short certain adrenaline rush with only catastrophic end result so get prepared get a new life plan. Make yourself a better person in your life.


Look closely at your life today. Make strategic life plans to make your ideal life a reality. Strategic life planning is not a one off exercise. Keep it under review to identify if when and how to change your life strategy.

Be patient! It may even take weeks before you begin to notice and experience real life improvements. The important thing is that you try to do something each and every day that will take you closer to your ideal life. Just because it takes a long time or is difficult does not mean you are doing something wrong. Your personal development is not a quick fix. With a better life strategy and hard work you can improve your life in the UK.

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Think deeply each week about your strategy to improve your life

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