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Just like at any other age just because you are in retirement does not mean you have to like everyone or everything. Our online retirement communities allow people in the UK to connect with people who like what they like.

Our online retirement communities are designed for older adults who are generally interested in a particular subject or area within the UK


We offer information and online interactivity with people in retirement in the UK. The added beauty of our retirement communities is that they are free to subscribe to.

Common Retirement Questions UK
UK retirement questions answers and ideas

A growing number of older people in the UK have great access to the internet. They are looking for new ways to connect with like minded people to reduce loneliness and enjoy life offline as well as online.

Retirement is the ideal time to get more involved with people not less. No longer do you have to stick to a daily work routine. You can choose who to interact with in retirement in UK.

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Our online retirement community is free to free to join. Then you choose whether you want to contribute to the online retirement community to promote your own business and inform online readers interested in retirement in the UK. You only pay an annual membership fee to regularly contribute to the retirement community to promote your business interests more cost effectively.

Key benefits of our retirement communities and reasons to join and contribute today

  1. Free to join. There is no cost to join the online retirement community. Once you join you also have the option of contributing to the retirement communities news articles and features to better market promote and advertise your business in UK. In addition you will have increased access to discussions workshops and training to better protect your business. You are in control of what to do next after you join the retirement community for free.
  2. Free online discussions and online retirement connection opportunities to meet new friends in retirement in UK online. Retirement community members receive free news alerts and bulletins including alerts to upcoming online member discussions. Our Secure In Retirement UK watch service scans the horizon for emerging threats to people in retirement and opportunities to enjoy retirement more in UK. Members Only attend online retirement discussions workshops and training sessions.
  3. Safe and secure. Business leader payments are made through Paypal an independent third party online payment service which stops us receiving full details of your banking or payment details so you are protected by Paypals security systems. Membership for people in retirement is free so we do not take payments from you.
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Connect with more people in retirement in UK. Our retirement communities expand depending on demand for geographical areas and subject matter requested. Tell us what you are interested in and we will start a community if we do not already have one and add people as they like your thinking!

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Retirement Communities UK
Subscribe to our online retirement community and receive FREE alerts bulletins and latest retirement news opinions and reviews

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Retirement Community Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is the online retirement community free to join and how do we make money? It is free to join now to receive free alerts bulletins on UK retirement news opinions and reviews. If your business leaders want to contribute to our online retirement communities you pay an annual fee. Our online retirement communities also accepts donations to support free independent journalism on UK retirement issues. In addition businesses pay us one off fees to promote market and advertise their business products and services to people in retirement in the UK.
  • Am I tied into a particular retirement community? It is free to join any retirement community. If your business leaders want to contribute to our retirement communities there is a membership fee. Your business will not be entitled to a refund of the annual membership fee but will not be tied to renew your membership every year.
  • How long does paid corporate membership last? 12 months renewable annually.
  • I do not know anything about online business marketing and development? That is one of the great strengths about our corporate membership for our online retirement communities. You simply join now and then we will email you to find out what you need to do to grow your business faster. We will then go away and start your marketing and promotion campaign. We will design post and update your contributions to promote your business. Our team of enterprise risk experts and business risk advisers help to protect and grow your business faster.
  • How fast will my business grow? It is impossible to say. It depends on how well we can work together to get the most from your existing business development tools and initiatives. The potential is there for massive gains but the value of your membership fee could be worthless if we fail to work well together. That is why our members should always diversify our marketing options to maximise the likelihood of increasing sales. We will guide you on the diversification options based on our discussions on what you offer and when. You are not putting all your business development eggs in one basket but the affordable membership fee expands the likelihood of your business growing faster.
  • How often can my business contribute to online retirement communities? Contribution levels is based on hours it takes to produce and publish each contribution. You will be buying 56 hours of work to produce and publish your contributions each year.
  • Does my business need to contribute regularly to online retirement communties? No. The more you contribute the more you promote your own business interests and increase the chances of faster business growth.
  • My business is not in UK so can I still join and contribute to online retirement communities? YES! The online retirement communities is open to any business selling legal and morally acceptable products and services. Legal is legal but morally acceptable comes down to our own opinion as to what is morally acceptable.
  • Is paying my membership fee safe? Yes. Your membership fee will be paid via Paypal a global independent payment provider who have their own safe and secure payment systems. We will never see your full payment details as these are retained by Paypal who will transfer your membership fee to our Paypal account. People in retirement in UK do not pay a membership fee – it is free to subscribe so we do not need your bank or card details.
  • What is the annual corporate membership fee? This will vary depending on how many members we have. As the number of members increase so will the annual membership fee so get in quick to keep your membership fee low!
Retirement Communities UK
Subscribe to our online retirement community and receive FREE alerts bulletins and latest retirement news opinions and reviews

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