Safe social distancing and self isolation tips advice and support

Stay mentally and physically fit during coronavirus COVID19 pandemic

It is clear from the World Health Organisation that the only known way to control the spread of coronavirus COVID19 in absence of vaccine is to aggressively test people for the virus and quarantine. Self isolation is a more pleasant way of achieving quarantine condition.

Stopping the spread of the virus requires a significant element of economic and social hardship. To relieve the economic and social pressures CheeringupInfo will work with relevant partners to make it easier to cope with what needs to be done to control the virus quicker.

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Take steps to counter the physical and mental effects of self isolation and social distancing

There are different reasons people are self isolating in the UK.

Current advice is to self isolate at home for 7 days if you have symptoms of new persistent dry season cough or high temperature or 14 days if it is another member of your household


Around 1.5 million people in UK have been deemed highly vulnerable to coronavirus COVID19 and have been instructed not to go out for any reason whatsoever for at least 12 weeks.

However the UK government has brought in new rules for everyone in the UK and instructed people in the UK to essentially stay at home and self isolate from friends and family who do not live with you. There are 4 execeptions where you can leave home and include

  • going out to work if you have to
  • going out for food
  • going out for some medical purpose or helping vulnerable person.
  • going out for exercise once per day

You must not gather in groups of more than 2 people. These self isolation rules are backed up with fines and penalties from 30 pounds to unlimited amount.

The rules will last for at least 3 weeks and probably longer as the UK is not likely to hit peak infection until May. The government is unlikely to lift restrictions at the height of the infection transmission phase?

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Safe social distancing and self isolation tips advice and support with CheeringupInfo