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Men’s lifestyle online magazine. Men’s online magazine free subscription brings you latest men’s fashion news trends and best deals on CheeringupInfo. Want a little more out of life in UK? Mens lifestyle magazine to read articles on news lifestyle and business in UK. Get the best from our online free mens magazine. Tune into Men TV live or OnDemand to watch mens lifestyle magazine reviews for free including health fitness personal finance fashion beauty hair sport life insights and deals to improve your life in UK.

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CheeringupInfo UK Mens magazine has evolved into a lifestyle magazine for men and covers all aspects of life including health fitness relationships travel gadgets finance and fashion.

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Seek out new adventures in the UK and overseas. Not everyone can or wants to jump out a helicopter and live of dead sheep testicles for a weekends entertainment. You can however pick out great new adventures for yourself.

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How much is your time worth?

Sometimes it makes more sense to get someone else to do the administration of your life. Paying some else to administer your life frees up time so you can enjoy the things you want to do more often. Concierge services help you to lead a better life. You can not yet buy a new life for yourself but you can buy more time in the one and only life you have.

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Men get a better grip on living better healthier and wealthier!

Love life a little more today like it was your last day on earth cause one day it will be! Looking at what men love at the moment in the UK.

What does every man want from life Cool car
What does every man want from life in UK? A Cool Car!

24th December 2016 New laser treatment for early stage prostrate cancer breakthrough

The new laser therapy treatment can destroy tumour cells without some of the side effects associated with traditional prostrate cancer options.

Vascular Targeted Photodynamic VTP therapy treatment uses a combination of light sensitive drugs injected into bloodstream via fibre lasers into the prostrate. The lasers are then activated to enable the drugs to target and destroy the tumour in the prostrate gland. The drug is based on bacteria found in the deep sea.

Researchers who used the new more targeted treatment found that around half the men who received the treatment went into complete remission. In addition, the side effects of the new treatment were much reduced compared to traditional treatment options including the removal of the prostrate gland. The new targeted treatment could also be used for other types of cancer.

In the meantime men with early stage low risk prostrate cancer may soon have access to another better treatment option in the UK. On the flip side the NHS is looking into overtreatment of the public. The new form of prostrate cancer treatment could fall into this category and each year new drugs provide other options that could offer better option.

Your surgeon is the best to advise you what is the best option for your personal circumstances.

Life Coach for Men In UK

Get help with your direction in life. Not sure how to improve your life? Maybe a Life Coach could point you in the right direction.

Life Coach Help For Better Life Living Lifestyle

To be successful in life you need to focus your every day actions on the things that will matter to achieve your success. Success does not need to be financial success. A successful life can be whatever you want it to be:

  • More money and assets
  • More time with family and friends
  • More time for yourself
  • More recognition of your skills or intellect

You need to decide what would make you feel more successful. Then you need to be clear on what you need to do every year month and day to achieve that success in life. Focus your actions on the things you need to do every day to achieve success in life whatever that success may look like.

Remove from your life all the things that will not enable you to be successful

  • Stop doing the things that detract from your success.
  • Say no to interruptions to the tasks you need to do to be a success.
  • Stop thinking you can not and start saying you can

Transform you life to achieve the success you want in your life.

Looking for a new partner in the UK?

Free Dating Advice and Tips UK
Free Dating Advice and Tips UK

Read dating tips and advice articles in our Dating Magazine. Watch the latest videos. Sign up for live online dating events for free.

Women have more than enough people in their network to excel in business in the UK. We think it is time for men to network with other men to protect and grow their business faster. Why not start your own business with the help of our networks.

Mens Business Magazine

Men In Leadership
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Take the stress out of your life.

Improve Your Life
Get The Most Out Of Your Life

Live more in the moment. Enjoy every little taste sight and smell in the UK! Touch with new hands! Feel more! Hear with new ears! Enjoy what life offers you today.

Make Yourself Proud Of Yourself with Lifestyle Improvement Tips and Advice

Start planning a new life today

Learn something new every day. One of the new things you do or experience will make your life better in future. Join our online community.

Network with like minded men to buddyup for help and support to achieve more in your like in the UK.

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