How to reduce the risk of dementia with CheeringupInfo

Reducing your risk of dementia with Cheeringup.Info

10 tips for healthy aging

Is it possible to prevent dementia? For some no but most people can reduce the risk of suffering from dementia. Pick up tips to reduce the risk of dementia.

Control what you can control to improve your health and reduce the risk of dementia

Take control of your health. There is little point worrying about the things you cannot control like genetic predilection to dementia if you are smoking socially isolated not exercising physically and mentally drinking too much and have poor diet.

Common dementia risk factors

There are things that increase your risk of dementia. If you tackle the dementia risk factors then you have a better chance of not suffering from dementia at any age as it is not just older people who have dementia.

Pick up tips from CheeringupInfo to reduce risk of dementia.

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How to reduce the risk of dementia with CheeringupInfo

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A healthy lifestyle can help lower your risk of developing dementia. Keep your brain healthy and your body healthy.

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How to reduce the risk of dementia with CheeringupInfo