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Common Retirement Questions UK

Retiring earlier than the state expects you to retire maybe good for you. You may choose to retire early as know one lives forever and you want to make the most of your life on earth. Even if you do live a long life it becomes increasingly difficult to remain healthy and active.

How to retire early UK

Taking early retirement in UK is not always possible or desirable. However ever you do want to retire as early as possible in the UK we offer tips to help your early retirement dream a reality.

In the UK the age you retire is really up to you. However you will not be able to start claiming a state pension until certain ages depending on when you were born.

It is unlikely for most retiring in future years that you will be able to retire before 67. It is easily foreseeable that you will not be able to claim Basic State pension until you reach 70s based on the life expectancy and the pressure on UK government finances from people in retirement.

You can of course choose to work longer the the UK state retirement age. There may be financial benefits from doing so not just the fact that you continue to earn.

Before you decide to retire early check what early retirement means for your pension and other benefits in retirement. Make sure you can fund your preferred retirement lifestyle whatever age you decide to retire.

Remain healthy and active in retirement whatever age your decide to retire in the UK

It is not always possible to choose a healthy active retirement. Where you do have a choice CheeringupInfo will help you live more healthily in retirement.

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Retire in UK when you want to retire with CheeringupInfo

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Retire in UK when you want to retire with CheeringupInfo