Signs Its Time To Quit Your Job

Should you quit your job

How do you know when its time to quit your job in the UK?

If you absolutely hate your job then you should start looking for other jobs today! However most people do not like their job for at least part of the working year and therefore not everyone should quit their job this year.

If you never get any enjoyment or job satisfaction you should start looking for a new job today

There are often clear signs indicating it may be time to quit your job. This can come from your job but signs can also come from the job market. You should consider leaving your job soon:

  • If the job market makes it more of a job hunter market rather than an employers market. Right now in the UK it has switched. It is now a job hunters market. There is a shortage of skilled and experienced workers in many industries, which means starting salaries are rising to attract new recruits.
  • If your job is causing you a severe amount of stress or unhappiness. Leaving your job could in these circumstances give you a boost of energy and drive to enjoy life again. Grab your life back from your job and find a better job today.
  • If you’ve been waiting for the right time to leave a bad job, now could be the best time to look round. Many people have been too scared to change jobs in UK in case they lose their new job in any reorganisation. First in meaning first out. Many employers are now struggling to recruit and are fighting hard to find experienced workers. The good workers they find they will want to hang on to in this job market.

If you are dreading going back to work after a weekend or holiday it is a sign that you might be happier in another job. Admitting to someone close to you that you hate your job is a definite sign that its time to think about a new job. Its brave to admit you literally hate your job but instead of moaning about it you need to do something constructive. Identifying current job vacancies you could do is an important first step in job hunting but you need to be serious about job hunting for it to bear fruit.

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If you don’t want to start looking for a new job, then you do need to start thinking about new ways to enjoy your current job. Simply complaining about your current job isn’t good for you or those around you.

Many employees strengths skills and talents are underappreciated by their employers. Another employer may value your abilities to work more than your current employer. It could be time you grabbed a job you like more and received fairer rewards for.

If your health is suffering because of your job, you need to start looking for a new job today. If you are drinking too much or taking drugs to dull the pain or you feel run-down all the time you are building up serious health problems for the future.

It may not be higher pay you need? It might be a better work life balance that requires fewer worked hours and more leisure time. If your current employer will not listen too your needs

then maybe a new employer will respect your needs and be more flexible in working hours. Some workplaces have even moved to 4 day week’s and kept same salarys as the balance hasn’t reduced productivity but has increased company morale and employee happiness and contentment.

If you can’t change your working time you may need to think about changing your leisure time.  Doing more of the things you like might build up strength to cope better with the job you don’t like.

If you can’t change how you feel about your current working life than you need to construct a plan for your future.

  • Networking: connect with people in your industry or area of working to do something many people are afraid to do. Ask for a job.
  • Startup your own business:   if you’ve got an idea for a new business and you have the knowledge and skills and drive to make it work maybe now is the time to start up your own business.
  • Get careers advice from a Life Coach: who can filter out what you have to offer and what you need to help you match with a complete change in career direction. Your family and friends might not give you the tough love that you need and tell you you can be great at anything you put your mind to – you can’t!

Take back control of your life in the UK today.

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12th November 2018 People Who Move Jobs Expected To Get Bigger Pay Rise Than Those Who Stay With Same Employer

UK employers are offering higher pay for people switching employers. UK employers plan to offer less of a pay increase for those who do not change jobs according to data from Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development CIPD.

The message from UK employers is clear. If you want a bigger pay rise in 2019 you will need to change your employer.

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