Are you being paid what you are worth in UK

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Should you quit your job

More than half of UK employees are planning on changing jobs in 2020. Are you? If you are not being paid what you are worth now then what makes you think your current UK employer is likely to increase your pay next year?

Whether you want to stay with your current employer or not you should start looking for a new job today. If you find a job in UK that pays more then you can use this as leverage to up the pay with your current employer or change jobs to an employer who values your skills and experience more with hard cash!

It is very expensive for an employer to replace you if you leave. If you do not lay the ground work to potentially change jobs then you will not be able to test your current employer on whether your current employer will up your pay to avoid incurring replacement costs.

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If you are paid more you can do more. Most things in UK cost money. To improve your lifestyle in UK you may need either more money or more flexibility in how you work for your current or new employer.

You need that leverage of another job to get more from life in UK.


Pick up tips on how to get paid what you are worth in UK. Discover great new job opportunities. Do research to find out what someone with your skills and experience is worth.

Get paid proper value for your work skills and experience


If you have been in your job a while there is a good chance your current employer is not paying you what you are worth. They are paying you what they think you are worth which may not be the same as what the jobs market thinks you are worth!

Make sure you do research to find out what you are worth in UK before you go job hunting or as you start your job search in UK


If you want to get paid what your talents are worth you are going to have to grow some! No business is going to pay you top dollar unless you at least ask for it.

If you have been in your curent job a while you should have been getting better at it! As you are better at your job you are contributing more to the business. You should be able to share in the extra you bring to the table. You give more value to the business for the same amount of time you work. Your pay should rise accordingly.

Are you paid fairly by your current employer in UK?

If not why not? If not what are you going to do about it cause your employer probably will not?

Learn your UK job market value. Get paid what you are worth in todays job market.

Are you being underpaid? If your current employer is being stingy with pay see what others may be prepared to pay you to come over. Feel better about your job by being paid more helps!

Find out what your skills are worth in the UK job market with CheeringupInfo. Negotiate your future pay with your current employer or alternative employer with more confidence.

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