Habits you exercise today dictate the person you will become tomorrow

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Being motivated will make you change your life. Developing good habits will ensure the change lasts. Habits define who we are. The changes you make in your life need to become habitual to make lasting difference to your life.

Making changes to your life does not make you a better or worse person. Making changes that last will dictate whether you create a better lifestyle for yourself. Changes that last are changes that you habitually do every day almost without thinking.


What you do today is a good step. However it is almost worthless in terms of changing your lifestyle. What is worthwhile is what you can realistically do every day to improve your life.

New Years resolutions fail because you have not been real with yourself. You first need to take stock of what you want in your life. The next step is to decide what you can realistically do every single day to take you closer to what you want your life to be.

You probably already know what your bad lifestyle habits are as you are already doing them every day! What you want to do every day in future is trickier because the key is to be realistic about what you can do to improve your lifestyle in medium term future. Long term future sure reach for the sky but it will take months to create good lifestyle habits. Your lifestyle habits will improve your lifestyle tomorrow but it is not an overnight successful change you should aim for.

Incremental lifestyle gains every day are better for you in long run than big gains overnight. If you want a break from your current lifestyle then great. However if you want to improve your life think incremental gains every day. Stopping drinking for a month might be good for you but it is unlikely to have any lasting benefit to your lifestyle. What you do today and every day thereafter is what improves your life.

If you really want to change your life for the better you need to make a conscious change to what you can honestly do every day to improve your life. It will not just happen. You are not destined for anything. You can choose your own destiny but you have to put the building blocks in place every day to become who you can realistically become.

Design simple achievable daily changes to your life that you know will eventually change your life for the better in UK.


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Habits you exercise today dictate the person you will become tomorrow CheeringupInfo