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We are not cattle or sheep. Lets not follow the herd. Do not act like sheep. We are not machines automatically following our masters. Lets make the life we want for ourselves not the life we are given.

This is not a political message. We do not care what left wing union leaders think we want. Nor do we care what right wing political leaders say they are going to do for us. We need to take back control from our failed institutions and organisational bodies.

This means thinking for ourselves and acting as one together to improve life in the UK. It requires us to engage with whats going on now and engage with each other to coordinate action not words.

We are not here as your soundbox so that you can shout at the walls and hear your thoughts reflected back pointlessly. You do not need self serving leaders to speak and act for you. Act for yourself and with others in coordinated way to force change for the better.

Find like minded people to engage with and act together with to improve your life in the UK

Meet up online. Engage by messages. Coordinate your action to get more of what you want and less of what you do not.

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Make this life a wonderful adventure with CheeringupInfo

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Make this life a wonderful adventure with CheeringupInfo