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NHS England says homeopathy should not be recommended to the public in England. NHS England has serious concerns with the Professional Standards Agency over the possible reaccreditation of the UKs largest group of registered homeopaths.

NHS England thinks that reaccrediting the UKs largest group of registered homeopaths will give a false impression to the public that their treatments are clinically and scientifically established.

In 2017 NHS England recommended that GPs stop providing homeopathy recommendations. NHS England thinks there is no good quality evidence that homeopathy is effective as a treatment for any health condition.

The Society of Homeopaths said it would not be commenting while its reaccreditation was currently being considered.

NHS England has issued guidance based on the latest clinical evidence to ensure that patients are not prescribed items such as homeopathy that could be unsafe ineffective or where there are more cost effective alternatives.

Anything that gives homeopathy a veneer of credibility risks chancers being able to con more people into parting with their hard earned cash in return for bogus treatments which at best do nothing and at worst can be potentially dangerous.

NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens

The NHS the Chief Medical Officer and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellences position is that homeopathic remedies are not scientifically validated or recommended to treat any health conditions.

Anyone can practise as a homeopath in the UK without any qualifications or experience.

The Professional Standards Authority accredits organisations such as the Society of Homeopaths which have a register of homeopathy practitioners.

Homeopathy is based on the concept that diluting a version of a substance that causes illness has healing properties.

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Homeopathy News UK

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