Overcome bad habits improve relationships manage stress better

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How to manage stress in life in UK

Life the live you want with the people who want to live like you. This will help you think the same way talk the same way and act the same way. If everything in your life is aligned to help you thrive then you will. If there is negative competition in your life different parts of your life will fight to have the upper hand. This is very stressful.

Instead of trying to overcome stress in your life set up your life so there is less stress created so it does not need to be overcome

Being true to yourself will mean you need to find less counter measures to cope with the stress you have created in your life. It can be tiring and damaging finding ways to reduce stress. It is much easier creating good habits that stop stress rearing its head in your life.

However first of all you need to know what you want in your life. Most people live the life they have been given. Some are very happy with what they have been given and that is ideal. If you are not then you need to figure out what would make you live a happier stress free good life.

If you do not know what would make you happier then how can you change your life for the better?

When you ask the question you may find that what you already have is what you should be grateful for and stick with it. If you ask yourself what would make you happier and can write this down then you have a starting point fro which you can make improvements.

You now know where you are going you just have to work out how to get there.

  • What do you need to do every day that will take you a little closer to the ideal you?
  • What habits do you need to ditch to ensure you are not placing barriers in front of your own goals achievement?
  • Who can help you achieve what you want and who is standing in your way? How do you develop your positive enablers and how are you going to manage detractors?

Do not forget to reward yourself for your hard work. You need to make sure that you practice self love and look after yourself. Fun and relaxation is key to any stress that does build up in your life.

Do not over commit yourself to other people. Why do you spend so much time on people who could not care whether you lived or died! You have to be sure that you are responsible for people you care for but that does not mean sacrificing your life for others.

Prioritise tasks and energy. What is important should be done first not what is urgent. Things can be urgent but unimportant in the life plans you set for yourself.

Break your life changes into small steps. What do you need to do each day week month year. Start with your new life plan and work back to the present day. What is important to do each day if you are to achieve the changes to your lifestyle that you want for yourself?

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Overcome bad habits improve relationships manage stress better
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Overcome bad habits improve relationships manage stress better CheeringupInfo