We the UK public do not value people and social care properly

Problems with social care are not based on UK immigration policy CheeringupInfo

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When people say we mistake salary for the value of peoples jobs the are wrong. Salary should reflect the value of the job you do. Trouble is UK society does not take responsibility for rewarding our workers with a fair salary.

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We do not value social care workers. They are not paid a true living wage.

  • Social care employers do not pay a fair living wage
  • Councils do not reward social care providers with a fair contract payment to deliver reliable safe quality social care services
  • UK governments for decades have not provided enough money to fund quality social care
  • The UK public are not prepared to pay tax or other means of funding quality social care in the UK.

We the people in the UK are happy to perpetuate poor social care services. By allowing our politicians on all sides and all colours to use social care as a political football we allow them to pass the buck. We need to grab hold of social care.

The people that winge about restricting low skilled workers to UK on basis that our social care services will collapse are missing the point. We need to pay our social care workers more to ensure people are prepared to work in social care services.

What that means is that we the UK public need to pay more to properly fund social care. Secondly the UK government needs to change how we manage social care. This if done properly can actually improve NHS services and even save money. Either councils or central UK government need to give more money to social care providers or bring that into public ownership. Social care providers or local or central government must pay people working in social care more to improve the quality and consistency of social care in the UK.

We need to stop blaming everyone else for poor social care in the UK. It starts with people in the UK paying more to fund social care in the UK. Then we can say that social care workers get paid what they are worth.

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We the UK public do not value people and social care properly

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We the UK public do not value people and social care properly CheeringupInfo Politics