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Citizen Journalism Articles and Videos

Looking for ordinary members of the public to write articles and send own videos

Play your part in the process of collecting reporting and disseminating news opinions information and reviews.

Citizen Journalist Articles and Videos
Citizen journalist articles and videos on

Spread the news on the streets locally and globally

Report the facts and the news in your area. If you have a particular lifestyle interest or hobby tell people about it. If there is a debate about something important to you get more people involved. Actively promote what is important in life to you. Express your opinions and spread the word further.

Become one of our citizen journalists for free. Instead of traditional news outlets get the news from the streets. Get news and debate straight from the horses mouth. Go quickly to the source of the news.

Use your own social media accounts and cheeringupTV Citizen Journalism for free. Digital media is changing journalism worldwide. We can all be citizen journalists. Amateur citizen journalists publish online in a host of innovative ways on cheeringupTV.

Do you have an interesting story? Do you have an opinion on something that matters to you? Want to discuss or debate a pressing issue locally or globally? Have a Press Release you want to spread further? Join our online citizen journalists for free. Send your story pictures or video to 

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Healthy Ageing Tips

How to age healthy with cheeringupTV

Learn how to get fit and maintain health to age better. Pick up tips for ageing better and living happier for longer. Stay strong and healthy. Take control of your health as far as reasonably practicable.

10 tips for healthy aging
How to maintain good health as you age

How to grow old healthy

No matter your age or your current physical condition you can improve your health. Access free simple tips to help you enjoy life more

  • Become more active
  • Improve your health and fitness
  • Love life more 4 less

Our researchers bloggers and vloggers will help you find new ways to age better. Read articles or watch videos on ageing better in UK. You may only need to make small changes to your diet exercise routine or lifestyle to age better and enjoy life more.

How to maintain health in old age

If you are older their are still many more ways now to get fit maintain health and enjoy life even on a small budget.

Get fit for free with free fitness tips including exercise ideas free vlogs and more, Do something today to improve your health and fitness. Access better ageing tips advice and techniques to help you make the best choices about your health and fitness in UK. Join online Ageing Better online health and fitness programmes workouts and tips to improve your fitness and knowledge of healthier living in UK.

How To Grow Old Healthy
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How To Lose Weight

Diet and Fitness Tips For Fast Weight Loss In Safe Sustainable Ways

What is fast weight loss? The quicker you lose your weight the more likely you are to put it back on after the good reason for weight loss as passed. We focus on sustainable fast weight loss methods. Weight loss success tips on cheeringupTV

  • How to get started
  • healthier eating tips
  • Physical activity tips

Use a balance weight loss programme to lose weight fast and more sustainably.

Just how do you lose weight fast

Read articles on how to lose weight faster. Watch live and on demand videos on weight loss on you phone mobile device or TV whenever you can wherever you are.

We take a healthy approach to weight lose planning to avoid piling the weight back on at some point down the line. Our weight loss Partners pitch their weight loss ideas and tips to you and we review their weight loss plans to comment on the Success Rating after speaking to our visitors and those reading our online health and fitness magazines.

Whether it’s low carb ketogenic low fat diets or whatever is coming next cheeringupTV looks at the best ways to lose weight in a sustainable way.

We look at healthy eating plans and exercise regimes to pick out the best from the fad. Lose weight for life with input from cheeringupTV.

Health Fitness Magazine
Subscribe free online health and fitness magazine Healthy Living and Lifestyle Tips Advice and Support Magazine for healthy information healthy eating facts healthy eating recipes and fitness plan

More health and fitness tips

Look better for less with health and fitness deals

Diet Tips For Weight Loss CheeringupInfo Weight Loss Tips Review

cheeringupTV How To Lose Weight

Tips for healthy lifestyle

Learn how to start and maintain good habits and break bad ones. Discover the best ways to improve your lifestyle. Save money and time with CheeringupInfo.

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Healthy Lifestyle Facts Tips Habits

Read articles and watch videos online designed to give tips and facts to encourage healthier living habits in UK.

Join online health and fitness live discussions and events.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips
Healthy Life Living Lifestyle Tips Advice and Support

Food Nutrition Facts and Analysis CheeringupInfo Food Nutrition Tips Review

Learn how to improve your actions to have a healthy lifestyle

The secret to healthy living is to be realistic and set goals that are small easily achievable ones to give yourself encouragement. If you set unrealistic goals that are too big you are setting yourself up for failure right at the beginning.

Health Fitness Magazine CheeringupInfo Health and Fitness News Reviews UK

Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Exercise more and this includes walking or climbing stairs instead of driving or using the lift.

Most adults eat more than they need to

Eating fewer calories needs to be done in a balanced diet that fits into your lifestyle as much as possible rather than changing your lifestyle to fit your diet in.

  • Eat lots of fruit and vegetables..
  • Eat more oily fish.
  • Cut down on saturated fat and sugar.
  • Eat less salt

The simplest things are often the best. If you can keep the changes to your lifestyle as simple as possible you are making it more likely you will stick at it forever and not for a fad period.

Healthy living is more than eating less and exercising more; it requires a permanent change of your though process to include every aspect of living.   However making some changes for the better is better than living an unhealthy lifestyle.

Eating a balanced diet means choosing a variety of food groups not isolating or excluding key food groups. Developing a better understanding of the different food groups will help you put together a diet that is right for your lifestyle. A bit of research will help you choose more wisely and make improving your lifestyle easier.

Do not skip breakfast.

Eating a healthy diet and moving more is the key to a healthier life. Combine the two elements and gradually build a better lifestyle into your life.

Diet Tips For Weight Loss CheeringupInfo Weight Loss Tips Review

Upcoming Healthy Lifestyle Discussions

What are the top 10 steps you should take to improve your health? Want to join the Healthy Lifestyle Living Debate? Want some more tips to healthy living? Subscribe free today. making life easier and better for free
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